Top Ways to Improve Your Wellbeing in 2021

Hello 2021! With last year safely behind us, we can all take a moment to reflect on the rollercoaster that was 2020. The highs and lows each brought its own learning lessons and opportunities for growth. However, with last year now in our past, we can start fresh and refocus on the areas of our lives that may have been put on the back burner amid the chaos — starting with improving our wellbeing and overall health. By prioritizing your happiness and emotional health now, you’ll build a strong foundation and routine that will become second nature for yourself in this new year. 

It can seem a little overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. However, it’s crucial to remember that what is most important is that you make mindful decisions to take steps to do things everyday to improve your wellbeing. No matter how big or small the health and wellbeing activity may be, you’ll notice a significant change in your overall mood that will make a big impact on your life and those around you! Here are a few actions and goals you can set in 2021 to prioritize your wellbeing: 

Focusing on Mental Health 

2020’s obstacles further highlighted the need for individuals’ to prioritize their mental health in order to improve their overall wellbeing. However, prioritizing your mental health isn’t a one-size-fits all ordeal. One technique or practice that may work well for one person might not benefit others in the same way. Finding what works best for you that brings you joy and peace of mind is what is most important. If you are looking to do things everyday to improve your health and overall wellbeing, this is a great place to start. Find what works best for your schedule that helps to calm you and clear your mind. There are a variety of activities to try including journaling, meditation, mindfulness techniques and more. 

Sometimes focusing on your mental health doesn’t have to be an actual activity. It can also just be taking a break from activities or settings that are stressful for you. If you have found yourself doom scrolling a lot last year, maybe consider taking a break from social media to focus on yourself. Consciously taking a social media cleanse can be incredibly beneficial to improve your wellbeing, but if that sounds like too much of a commitment you can also just try limiting your social media use. 

Take a Fresh Look at Your Health & Nutrition

During stressful times, it can be easy to put off our physical health and nutrition. If you are finding yourself stuck in a rut and wanting to get back on track, try taking a new fun perspective when it comes to tackling your health and wellness goals! If you need some guidance, consider testing out a new fitness app to help you get moving and get active. No matter your comfort level or experience, there are a number of quality apps and videos to help you get started. There are several fitness apps that are a perfect fit for beginners, as well as various apps to help you explore a variety of workout styles including pilates, yoga, HIIT and more. Getting up and moving around is a great way to improve your wellbeing!

On top of physical activities, taking a look at your nutrition and what you put in your body can vastly help your overall health and wellness. If you’re getting tired of cooking the same meals, try mixing it up and trying something new. Eating healthy can be tasty at the same time — so don’t hesitate to play around with some new and nourishing recipes

Reenergize Your Space

Taking some time to declutter and reorganize your space is another activity that can really improve your health and wellbeing! Whether it’s time to buy some handy organizational tools to get you started or if it’s time to take a Marie Kondo approach — refreshing your space will help you feel at peace and comfortable in your home or apartment. 

For those who are continuing to work from home in 2021, consider stepping up your home office to give you that extra boost of motivation. Whether your office is a room or the dining table, having a designated and organized set up can do wonders to inspire you to buckle down and tackle your work!

There are a variety of things you can do everyday to improve your health and wellbeing in 2021. Take some time to focus on yourself to do things that bring you joy whether that’s journaling, meditating, working out or reorganizing your space — it will be worth it!