Creating Your Dream (Home) Office Space

With all the changes that COVID-19 has brought to 2020, there is one change that most people can get used to — working from home. Companies are realizing all of the money they save by keeping their employees at home, and it’s likely more people will continue to work at home beyond the pandemic. Work-life balance is more important than it’s ever been before. With many individuals now working and living in the same space, it’s crucial to create a designated home office space in order to boost productivity and organization, as well as keep your work and life separate. 

Don’t feel like you have the space for a home office? Don’t fret. You can easily make a home office in a small space with a splash of creativity. Here are a few working from home tips for success and how to create the perfect home office space in your apartment, no matter how big or small.

Making a home office in a small space

You know the feeling of waking up at 6 a.m. to the dark and dreary grey sky with tons of rain pouring down, and you do not want to be productive? Unfortunately, that feeling is even harder to shake when working from home, unless you pick a great spot to set up your home office. The key to picking the perfect home office space in your apartment is the lighting. This can be something as simple as sitting by a window or getting a desk lamp — these little changes will truly brighten up your mood. However, if possible, try to bring in natural sunlight into your office space. Studies show that natural light boosts individuals’ overall moods. Natural light also allows you to be productive working from home and have a positive mindset, so don’t be afraid to open the blinds and let the light in! Some popular workspaces in any apartment are the dining room table or kitchen island, a guest room or you can even utilize the couch with a lap desk! Select apartment homes may even include a built-in desk for even more convenience. Try out different spaces in your apartment and find out what works best for you!

How to organize your home office space

Your home office space should encourage you to work hard, but also should inspire creativity to thrive. Simplicity is key when you need to organize your home office space. A couple of working from home tips for success: keep office supplies stowed away or off the top of your desk to increase productivity. Another tip to keep in mind is how color can affect your mood. The color blue makes you feel calm and safe. So, if you are experiencing a load of stress, really think about how you can incorporate mood-boosting colors into your home office space.


If you know that your roommate/spouse/child is going to be watching TV in the living room, make your home office space in your bedroom. Let’s be honest, you know what distracts you from work. Try to avoid making these eight-hour-days feel 10 times longer because you can’t focus. Set yourself up for success and figure out what works best for you!

Working from home with kids

Trying to work from home with kids can make it hard to stay focused. Take a few minutes to breathe or gather your thoughts. No matter the age of your children, staying on a schedule is key. You have to make it clear that there are boundaries, and they need to be followed. Trying to work and play with the kids at the same time is NOT going to work — think about productivity. Find activities to keep them busy throughout the day, such as puzzles, coloring, arts and crafts, and more.

Are you ready to create your dream home office space? Here at P.B. Bell, we have communities all over the Valley that are ready to be called your next “home” and are perfect for your next home office. Check out our communities here for more information!