How To Keep Your Residents Happy

Within the property management industry, residents’ overall happiness and satisfaction with a community will be a major factor in determining an apartment’s success or eventual downfall. Ensuring that you are meeting your residents’ needs and wants is crucial to making them feel valued and at home, and ultimately increasing the success of your community. If you are searching for a property management company that can exceed your residents’ expectations, you need to find a team that can add a personal touch, communicate effectively and build and maintain strong connections with residents. Here are three ways an experienced property management team can keep your residents happy which keeps you happy too:

Create A Sense Of Community

While prizes, contests and giveaways are great — the instant gratification fades away fast and residents easily forget about the gift cards and branded items. The best way to build a sense of community is through holding events and gatherings for your residents. Focusing these gatherings around holidays, major sporting events and pop culture, provide a perfect opportunity to bring together a variety of your residents into one place. Not only does this give residents the ability to meet each other and get to know their neighbors, but it also gives the property management team the chance to build relationships with the residents.

Here at our P.B. Bell communities, we host a variety of resident events at all of our communities. Our onsite teams understand the importance of getting involved and getting to know all of our residents, which ensures our residents’ overall happiness within our communities. 

Communication Is Key

Residents want to know what is happening within their apartment community. For a property management team, it’s important to have an organized way to disseminate information in a timely and effective manner so residents can stay in the loop. Depending on the situation, whether it’s in regards to an urgent matter or just a regular rental payment reminder, knowing the appropriate way to reach residents is crucial to making sure they are up-to-date with everything happening within the community. An experienced property management team will know when to call, email or have face-to-face communication with residents. As most residents prefer email communication, emails need to be concise, yet engaging when delivering information. Communication also consists of regular feedback surveys. These allow residents to voice their opinions and feel heard.

At P.B. Bell, we have more than 40 years of experience managing properties throughout the Valley. Part of our success can be attributed to how we effectively and regularly communicate with our residents. Our teams have the proper training, experience and knowledge to keep residents informed and up-to-date with everything happening within the community.

Build Connections

Experienced property management teams know how to create, build and sustain strong relationships with their community members which ultimately creates happier residents. In order to do this, the proper team needs to be personal and work to build those connections whenever they see residents. This can be achieved whenever residents come into the office to ask questions or even when team members are just walking around the community. Going out of your way to get to know residents goes a long way and increases resident retention. When it comes to new residents, it’s important for team members to make them feel at home as soon as possible so they can feel happy and comfortable in their new apartment. This can mean something different for every resident, so personalization is key. 

Here at P.B. Bell, we hire and build the best teams for the job. When we are creating an onsite team, we ensure that the team we put in place has the proper training to know how to spark and mold those relationships with residents. 

Your residents’ overall happiness and satisfaction should be a paramount goal within your apartment community. Creating a sense of community, maintaining proper communication and building long-lasting relationships with residents will help you exceed your residents’ expectations — making them feel valued and content at your community.

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