Making the Most of Your Space: Updating Your Apartment on a Budget with Renter-Friendly Options

The idea of “home sweet home” doesn’t need to be restricted to the image of a typical house nestled in a cozy, suburban neighborhood. Whether you are living in a condo or apartment, there are countless ways you can add personal touches and furniture that won’t break the bank or take away your chance of getting your deposit back.

Despite what some may think, bigger is not always better, especially in the interior design world. Plus, when you’re living in a temporary residence, you also need to consider your ability to quickly pack up and move your stuff once your lease is up– all without any breaks, scratches or other permanent damage being done in your apartment. Here are 4 creative ways to jazz up your space, without burning any holes in your wallet or leaving any holes in the walls.

Lighten Up

Need to add some charisma to your living area? Utilizing unique lamps in your apartment is a simple yet effective way to highlight your personality through your decor, while also brightening up your space. Bringing this new source of light into your apartment will add some extra warmth to any room and will help you feel more at home. Play around with positioning your lamps at various heights to add more dimension to your space and employ dimmers to create a welcoming glow, rather than having the light overpower the room.  You can even opt for some less overbearing, yet chic bulbs that complement your lamp. If you’re going for a more industrial look, have some fun by switching out plain light bulbs for some stylish Edison bulbs. Don’t worry, finding the perfect light to tie together your decor doesn’t have to break the bank. There are plenty of floor or desk lamp options priced under $100. And never underestimate the power of a thrift store. Finding the perfect lighting option may take some searching, but it will be well worth it when you find the right match for you.

Let Your Room Reflect

Don’t be afraid to play around with mirrors in your apartment. Adding these simple decor pieces to your space will make your room feel bigger while reflecting more light and making your apartment brighter. Have a blank wall? Add a funky framed mirror to dress it up. There are plenty of statement-piece mirror options to fit any decor, all while staying on a budget. Pick something that reflects your personal style, that’s also lightweight so it’s easy to hang. Utilizing temporary wall strips and hooks are the perfect way to hang up these fun, focal points. Do-it-yourselfers can create your own wooden-framed floor-length mirror to lean up against a corner to give the room a more spacious appearance.

Dress Up a Plain Wall

Apartments can be notorious for plain white walls. However, there is a simple solution to spruce up a dull wall without overpowering your space with decorations. Using a temporary, peel-off wallpaper is a cheap and exciting way to transform a blank canvas into an attention-grabbing masterpiece. There are plenty of renter-friendly wallpapers to choose from that are sure to grab the spotlight in your apartment without going over budget. If you’re still looking for an even cheaper option, you can opt for your own DIY wallpaper. All you need is some black washi tape and lots of patience. Try making different patterns on your wall such as tiny x’s, chevron and stripes to find the design that best fits your space.

Your creativity doesn’t need to end there. You can carry this idea into the kitchen by adding a removable backsplash to refresh an outdated space. Whether you’re looking to make the illusion of herringbone, subway tile or shiplap, you can create the kitchen of your dreams with just a few simple tools and a little cash.

Add Some Green

House plants are a cost-effective and straightforward way to add exciting pops of color to any space. Whether being used to dress up a bare area or to draw attention, adding some green to your living area is trendy and easy to do. You can group potted plants of various sizes, colors, and shapes together in such a way to make the combination seem informal while still appearing coordinated. Also, you don’t need an abundance of natural light to be able to care for your leafy friends. There are plenty of shade-loving plants that will thrive in your space without needing too much sunshine. On top of house plants being a great way to dress up your apartment, having plants in your apartment also has numerous benefits for your health, so it’s a win-win.

Cover It Up

Utilizing cohesive rugs and window covers can be a quick-fix to a drab space. Think of these as your apartment’s accessories. These items help to add some more pizzazz to your living area and highlight your unique style. Similar to jewelry, you don’t need to limit yourself to only combinations with matching patterns and similar colors. Find colors and styles that complement each other and work together to tie the whole décor together. Plus, there are plenty of rugs and window coverings to choose from for those decorating on a budget.

Creating a space you will love while on a budget and without leaving any permanent damage is easier than you may think. Although you may not be planning to live in your apartment forever, these simple tips can help you build an oasis that still makes you feel at home.