P.B. Bell Maintenance Appreciation Week 2023

Every August, P.B. Bell honors the company’s incredible maintenance teams during our annual Maintenance Appreciation Week. Whether it be something as simple as a burned-out lightbulb, or as concerning as air conditioning issues in the heat of the summer, P.B. Bell’s maintenance supervisors, techs, groundskeepers, and housekeepers go above and beyond to ensure P.B. Bell communities are pristine and beautiful, and resident’s homes are cared for and in optimal condition.

This annual P.B. Bell tradition was created to celebrate and recognize our fantastic maintenance teams; a small gesture to show we care, just as they do each and every day. We recognize just how essential maintenance is to our operations and want to celebrate the unsung heroes that keep P.B. Bell communities vibrant.

This year, we celebrated our maintenance professionals with various gifts and treats as a token of gratitude. From our corporate partners to our residents, our communities extended an overwhelming amount of love and support throughout the week.

At the beginning of Maintenance Appreciation Week 2023, each maintenance team member received a bucket filled with snacks, cooling towels, a lunch box, energy drinks, a hat, P.B. Bell swag, a neck fan and more! Residents and staff members decorated maintenance golf carts, filled out personalized notes expressing their appreciation and teams gathered throughout the week to enjoy breakfast and lunch together. Click here for 2023 P.B. Bell Maintenance Appreciation Week highlights!

While we celebrate this special week each year, P.B. Bell maintenance teams’ hard work should be acknowledged and celebrated each and every day. Whether it’s a simple thank you or note of gratitude, please let your community maintenance team know you appreciate them.