Day in the life of Brianda, housekeeper at P.B. Bell

When residents and potential residents walk into our communities, they are greeted with pristine amenities and gorgeously clean spaces. This vital first and ongoing impression is made possible by the constant hard work of our housekeeping team. Meet Brianda Martinez, housekeeper for the Kalon community and recent winner of the Arizona Multihousing Association’s coveted Housekeeper of the Year Tribute Award! Brianda has been a part of the P.B. Bell team since 2021, and fondly shares her favorite memories with the company so far and what she enjoys doing outside of work.

What does a typical day look like for you?

Usually, the first half of my day starts the same way every day. I start by cleaning the office before business hours start. After that, I take care of the coffee area since many of the residents stop by downstairs to get their morning coffee on their way to work. It is during the morning rush that I see, meet, and speak with many of the residents.

I also clean all of the common areas such as the community clubhouse, the gym, the mail room, the restrooms and the model units. When all this is ready, and depending on the schedule we have prepared for the week, I then either clean a vacant apartment or one of the buildings.

How long have you been working at P.B. Bell?

I started my career at P.B. Bell a year and a half ago.

What is a favorite memory from working at P.B. Bell?

I have enjoyed every day of work since I started, with such special and fun people. If I have to choose one favorite memory, without a doubt it is participating in the AMA Tribute Awards. The process itself was exciting but the support of everyone within the company moved me so much. I felt that it did not matter if I won or not – the recognition of my colleagues was enough. I encourage myself to continue giving my best because I know it matters!

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I really enjoy making sure everything looks nice and clean. I feel that cleaning is an important part of having a productive day, it is something that can be controlled so it gives one a sense of peace and motivation to continue with the day.

Another thing that I really enjoy is having the opportunity to meet most of the residents. As we have a very multicultural property, I love learning about their culture, their language, and their point of view when living in a foreign country. It is very interesting, as an immigrant myself I can understand many of their points of view. But it is also a window to the outside world. It is amazing how a culture can be so different and yet so similar at the same time. I love learning a few words in their language and being able to share mine with them. I am honored to be able to contribute a little to make them feel at home, with a good coffee and a small chat before work. My second favorite part of my role is being able to see, greet and pet the residents’ pets. I just love all the pets! I know most of them by name and they know me, they know where to look for me, and I love that they come to say hello while I clean!

What is one fun fact about you?

A fun fact is how I got to Arizona. I had my life planned in Mexico, I decided to study a Bachelor of Business Administration and I quickly began to pay for my own studies with my grades and graduated with honors even a little early. I still receive offers to continue with a master’s degree. I worked and studied at the same time so when I graduated, I had several positions to choose from but at my graduation, I met my husband, who was only visiting. His cousin had invited him to my graduation party. A year later, we got married and that’s why I moved here. With that move, I changed my residence, my language, and my work plans.

Another fun fact about me is that many of my skills have been self-taught. I set out to learn the English language on my own when I moved to Arizona, and although I’m still learning it, I think I did it in a reasonably short time. The same thing happened when I proposed to learn Mexican sign language. I became a conference interpreter in just months. I find a lot of satisfaction in reading and studying all the time. One is never too old to continue learning!

What is your favorite thing to do in Arizona?

What I like to do the most is go on road trips, especially on our motorcycles. My favorites so far have been Bisbee, Tombstone, and Sedona. It seems that time passes slower in small towns, the community is closer and not to mention how pleasant the weather can be.

What is your favorite restaurant to eat at in the area?

I love to try new foods whenever I can. But the restaurant that I go back to all the time is in Tempe Marketplace and it’s called Kabuki. They serve the best sushi and best ramen soup I’ve had in the area.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work?

I really enjoy going out with my husband on the motorcycle, going to eat with friends, and visiting my family in Mexico.

What kind of community/volunteer activities do you take part in?

From an early age, I participated in volunteer activities. The one I remember most fondly was when I joined a Mexican sign language group. Every day we searched the deaf territory, and we taught them the language because most of them don’t go to school and only use homemade signs. It’s like teaching someone to read but requires more patience. When they learn to read or interpret signs, we offered to study the Bible with us to share hope with them. Whether or not they decided to study the Bible, we still taught them and their families the language. This made daily life much easier. I have also participated in building construction groups, literacy campaigns, and in natural disaster relief groups as well as activities to donate and distribute food in homes affected during the pandemic. I currently serve as a full-time volunteer to teach Bible classes.

What is your life motto and words to live by?

Colossians 3:23 – “Whatever you are doing, work at it whole-souled as for Jehovah, and not for men.”

I always think of this Bible verse, so no matter what I am doing or where I work, they will always receive the best version of me, my best effort, especially at work. Thinking like this allows me to be satisfied and feel happy because I know that I did the best I could. I think a positive mindset brings success and so far that is true for me!

You recently received a significant award; can you tell us about that?

I won the AMA Tribute Award for Housekeeper of the Year. As I mentioned before, it was very nice to feel the support of my colleagues, to feel that they value the hard work that one does, and it was so nice to get dressed up for a special dinner as a team.


Thank you, Brianda, for sharing your story with us and for being such a great addition to the P.B. Bell team. Your dedication is definitely noticed and very much appreciated at P.B. Bell!