Top Resident Events to Kick Off the Summer

Looking for new ways to keep your residents excited about their community? 

Kick off summer with events for your residents to help them feel appreciated and see themselves as more than just tenants– as members of a community. 

Making sure there are summer activities available for your residents can feel time consuming and overwhelming. As a property manager of a multifamily community you often times also juggle the hat of an event planner.

Multifamily resident events can help promote a stronger sense of community and a community that plays together and stays together. 

Resident events should create a certain amount of buzz for your property while also facilitating meaningful engagement for your residents. When you and your staff invest time in organizing summer events for your residents, it shows that your team cares about residents’  quality of life. 

With summer kicking off, we’ve put together a list of top community event ideas to host at multifamily communities. We have also highlighted some ways to use your great apartment amenities to host amazing summer events. 

Top Summer Kick-off Resident Events for Multifamily Communities

Movie screenings on the lawn with snacks 

There’s no better way to kick off summer for residents than showcasing your great apartment amenities with a movie on the lawn. You can entice residents to attend almost any kind of event as long as there’s free food! Here are a few steps to ensure residents have a fun movie night: 

      1. Spread out the blankets
      2. Rent a popcorn machine and serve free popcorn
      3. Hang a sheet or rent a projector screen
      4. Play a classic, family-friendly film (remember, it’s a multifamily event!)

Depending on the type of outdoor apartment amenity space you have, you might opt to configure a drive-in theater. Regardless of the layout, make sure to get plenty of snacks and choose a film that residents of all ages can enjoy!

Poolside BBQ 

Some of the most popular features at any apartment complex include grilling equipment and pool areas. As the weather starts to heat up, hosting a poolside barbeque for your residents can help foster community and show off your community. Poolside barbeques are never complete without a few finishing touches like music, games and fun pool toys.

Ice Cream Social

Throwing an ice cream social is an easy way to show residents you care about them and remind them why choosing to stay in your apartment complex is one of the best decisions they’ve ever made. This fun summer resident event is an excellent way for families to meet each other and enjoy a cold treat under the sun. This simple yet crowd-pleasing event isn’t complicated to plan. Post flyers and post a Facebook event a few weeks ahead of time. Head to your local grocer and pick up plenty of ice cream, cones, fudge, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, cutlery, bowls and plastic tablecloths. If you have an outdoor entertaining space, funnel people outside after they grab their treat.

Fourth of July Festival

Throw your own patriotic party on-site and encourage residents to bring their friends and family. There are multiple options for how to throw a successful event. Serve up some hamburgers, hot dogs, and Popsicles; decorate in red, white, and blue; and provide music and entertainment for all ages. Partnering with local city firework displays by providing transportation to nearby Fourth of July celebrations can be a great resource to residents.

“Yappy” Hour with Furry Residents

You can never go wrong with an event full of tasty drinks, adorable pets, and treats for all! This event is an excellent opportunity for animal parents to mingle with each other and for furry children to meet. Contact local vets, doggie daycares, and dog walkers and ask them to come to meet your residents, and their pets and perhaps even bring gifts for the pups or coupons/info for the owners. Make sure to bring a camera to capture all the fun!

Competitive Family-Friendly Trivia Nights 

Trivia night is a classic favorite among residents across the board, from young adults to seniors. To hype up the competition, put out a call for teams and offer irresistible prizes. Also, make sure to pick topics that residents of all ages know to accommodate families. All you need is a great spread of snacks and drinks, an energetic host, and a DJ with all the great beats! 

Whether you pick from one of these fun summer resident events or create your own, there are plenty of ways to ensure your residents have a memorable summer! If you participate in any of these activities, be sure to tag us on Instagram @pbbellapts so we can see!