Tips to Improve Employee Satisfaction & Retention in Multifamily

Amidst COVID-19 and the Great Resignation, many multifamily communities are struggling to recruit and retain top talent. Not only has P.B. Bell surpassed the average tenure of 3.7 years and averages 5.8 years for its employees, but it has also been named a top workplace by Az Business Magazine, Phoenix Business Journal, AZ Big Media, and other notable media outlets. 

To shed light on how they’ve achieved these accomplishments, the team at P.B. Bell is sharing their top tips for increasing employee retention rates, including guiding company culture through core values, as well as offering quality training, listening to employees, and providing positive feedback. 

Guide Employees by Core Values 

At P.B. Bell, everything we do is guided by our core values: Get Creative, Act with Integrity, Be Accountable, Enjoy the Ride, and Show You Care. These core values drive our company culture and create a community of like-minded employees. Through a uniform culture and set of values, we have been able to increase employee retention rates. When everyone knows the expectations of behavior, we are able to improve employee satisfaction and eliminate any confusion or frustration that may arise. 

We also encourage accountability and recognition through our Values in Action nomination. Through this nomination form, employees and residents can recognize a P.B. Bell team member who has been living out the core values. Employees who are going above and beyond have the opportunity to be entered into a year-end drawing for a grand prize, as well as may receive a special bonus.

Last but not least, we like to have fun. We enjoy celebrating our employees in ways that boost morale such as hosting team outings and community giveback opportunities while offering exciting benefits such as employee rent discounts that are up to 50% off. 

Offer Quality Training 

When we find qualified candidates, we want to offer quality training as this is the first step to retaining good employees and sets up the foundation for their success. Offering quality training will help employees understand how to do the work assigned to them and prevent them from feeling overwhelmed or experiencing burnout. This also helps employees to feel invested in and valued by the company.

One way we offer quality training is through our P.B. Bell University. This training covers maintenance, marketing, leasing, leadership, personal development, resident retention, customer service, and more. However, providing ongoing training and professional development opportunities is also key to improving employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention, which is why P.B. Bell hosts bi-weekly training and support calls for employees. 

Listen to Employees

With over 45 years of experience in the industry, we’ve learned that listening to employees is crucial. In addition to Swift Bunny surveys, we host an annual employee performance review asking, “what can we do to help you?” If we notice any dissatisfaction, we want to get to the root of the issue and find solutions. When we learned that employees felt isolated during COVID-19,  we brought back in-person activities and events as soon as it was safe to do so following the increase in vaccinations. We also have changed our employee feedback survey to ask team members “What can we do to help you?” Having an attentive management team is the key to improving employee satisfaction. 

Provide Positive Feedback 

When struggling with how to retain good employees, it is important to provide positive feedback. If the employee is valued and appreciated, make it known to them. This can also be done through employee spotlights and features, whether through blog posts or on social media. It’s important to celebrate the small and big wins!

With years of experience and an employee tenure that’s nearly double Swift Bunny’s industry average, P.B. Bell is an expert in increasing employee retention rates. These tips can have a positive impact on employee satisfaction and morale, even during tumultuous times.

If you’re looking for a great work culture and job opportunity, look no further! Be sure to check us out at to see how you can join our team!