How to Clean Your Multifamily Living Space

The month of March brings on the season of spring cleaning! Given the smaller size of multifamily rooms, they can appear cluttered faster than single family homes, making the spring cleaning season extra important. If you’re wondering how to clean your apartment and need a spring cleaning apartment checklist, the team at P.B. Bell is here to help.


Our team just wrapped up a designated spring cleaning day in our office space where our team sorted through and shredded old files, decluttered email inboxes, cleaned workspaces and more. Following our team’s experience, we have compiled spring cleaning ideas including quick cleaning tips for residents of multifamily communities to clean effectively.


  • Take it one room at a time
    • When you’re thinking about how to clean your apartment, it can be helpful to focus on taking it one room at a time. This quick cleaning tip will cut down on the time spent worrying about which items need to be cleaned since you’re focused on one area. Breaking an entire space down into smaller pieces will ultimately speed up the cleaning process. Part of your spring cleaning apartment checklist can include individual boxes to check off when each room is finished! This will help with satisfaction and make the process more enjoyable.
  • Clear the clutter first
    • Cleaning involves so many different steps. From having to wipe the counters and sinks to taking out the trash, it can be confusing to know what requires cleaning first! So, starting with the clutter can be a really easy first step in your spring cleaning apartment checklist. This can involve throwing away items you no longer need, or simply reorganizing crowded countertops and bookshelves to display only the important items you need easy access to.
  • Start with the kitchen and bathroom
    • Another spring cleaning idea is to start with the kitchen and bathroom as they can be some of the least enjoyable spaces to clean because they tend to be the most dirty, not to mention have stubborn crevices. However, cleaning can be like ripping off a bandaid, where you just need to get it over with! Therefore, a quick cleaning tip is to start with the dirtiest space instead of putting it off until the very end.
  • Utilize all-purpose cleaner
    • All purpose cleaner is an effective cleaning item to own because it can often be used on any surface, which will limit the time spent going back and forth to your supplies cabinet. So, you can use it with everything from the toilet and bathtub, to the sink and kitchen table.
  • Make it fun!
    • The most important spring cleaning idea to take note of is to make the process fun! It’s highly encouraged to blast music and provide some sort of a reward when you’re done. You can also turn the process into a competition with your family by seeing who can get their room done first, or scoring each other on efficiency.


While spring cleaning an apartment can be tough, there are spring cleaning ideas to make it easier and more enjoyable! If you utilize any of these techniques in cleaning your apartment, tag us on social media!