2022 Top Style Trends for Apartment Living

The new year means new trends! While the first month of the year has passed, there’s still time to revamp your apartment layout design to be in line with the latest apartment trends. Our team has compiled the top modern apartment design ideas so that you can refresh your living space.

Minimalist Apartment Design

Minimalism will play a huge role in the modern apartment design ideas of 2022. In the continued work from the home era, people are straying far away from clutter. Instead, focusing on minimalism in apartment layout design will help spaces feel much more liveable. Ways to incorporate minimalist apartment design include clean lines in furniture and cabinets, sheer shades, and open, airy spaces. Additionally, a minimalist space can be created by utilizing white walls and furniture with pops of color.

Nature Inspired Surfaces and Objects

Contemporary apartment design involves keeping up with the times. Social distancing measures have led to an increase in time spent indoors. So, one of the biggest apartment trends for style involves bringing the outdoors inside. Stonewear, terracotta, and marble are going to be appearing everywhere from bathtubs to decorative objects. The raw imperfection of organic materials will provide a similar sense of serenity as their outdoor counterparts do. People are also yearning for a sense of magic in their homes, which nature inspired minimalist apartment design will provide.

Curved Furniture

After a harsh two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, apartment dwellers are searching for comfort in any corner they can get. Thus, curved corners of furniture, especially couches and coffee tables, will be one of the top apartment trends of 2022. While straight lines of minimalist apartment design will continue to take place, the curved furniture in places like the living room will provide a much needed sense of comfort.

Vintage and Sustainable Accents

Many apartment trends in 2022 will focus on being sustainable, including finding vintage pieces to serve as an accent. From a contemporary apartment design standpoint, vintage accents help tell a story and bring the room to life. You can find vintage throw pillows or other decor online at websites such as Etsy or Urban Outfitters.

Global Inspired Interiors

Travel will start to increase in 2022, meaning people will begin collecting decorations from all around the world. A modern apartment design idea for those who won’t be traveling is to find global inspired shops near you to spruce up your living space to reflect the worldly trend. If you are looking for truly stunning handmade pieces that are rich with culture and tradition, you can also shop on websites such as Novica which provides a global online marketplace for thousands of artists to sell their work.

2022 is bringing in plenty of new apartment trends. When cleaning up and refreshing your space, following these apartment layout design ideas will bring you the most modern looking space that feels like home.

We love to stay inspired ourselves so we encourage you to share how you implement these trends into your apartment. Be sure to share with us on social @pbbellapts!