TikTok Home Decor Inspiration

TikTok has been taking over the social media scene with its endless hours of entertainment, jokes, trends and more. However, did you know that on top of fun dance clips and cute animal videos, there is a treasure trove of DIY inspiration on this platform? If you’re looking to spruce up your apartment then TikTok is the new Pinterest when it comes to offering an abundance of hacks to create DIY home art and other renter-friendly ideas. 

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite ideas from TikTok home decor influencers that bring energy and personality to any space:

Being the Blooms (@beingtheblooms)

Stefanie, the influencer behind the TikTok account Being the Blooms, labels herself as the “Lazy DIY Mom” and her account features a variety of cheap DIY wall decor ideas and other hacks. One trick Stefanie recommends for renters that are looking to integrate more of their personal style into a kitchen, is to utilize contact paper on the countertops. If the apartment’s countertop doesn’t fit with the vibe of your decor, contact paper enables you to update it in a renter-friendly way. 

For those looking for budget-friendly renter-friendly wall decor, head over to Five Below (where all items are under $5) and purchase a wall shelf. These decorative shelves are a perfect bedside stand to hold your phone and charger or other decorations. Stefanie foregos the hammer and nails for her bedside shelf and instead, opts into renter-friendly Command Strips. Another easy renter hack Stefanie utilizes involves  adding sophistication and style to her windows. She does this by using a mounted bracket attachment (you can find it at Walmart) for a no nails necessary option to hang a curtain rod and curtains on a window!

Chelsey Brown (@chelseyibrown)

Another TikTok home decor influencer is Chelsey Brown — she shares trendy style tips and tricks that she utilizes in her own NYC studio apartment. She is a strong advocate for creating your dream home and space — no matter if it’s a house or an apartment.  

Another fun and budget-friendly DIY idea is creating a chic fluted side table. For supplies, all you need are some plastic white pipes, super glue, a round piece of wood and white paint. After painting the wood piece white and letting it dry, glue the plastic pipes together to create a stand for the table. Then, glue the wood piece to the top of the stand to create the tabletop and let it dry fully before setting anything on it. 

For those looking to add a level of elegance to their apartment with renter-friendly wall decor, removable wainscotting can be the perfect option to add a level of sophistication to your space. Chelsey’s DIY removable wainscotting uses polyurethane wall panels and corner Velcro strips to place on the back of the panels. Once you have an idea of the layout of your design, you can start sticking the panels onto the wall to create a chic vibe.

There are endless TikTok home decor ideas that can keep you scrolling for hours. Fortunately, many influencers understand the importance of renter-friendly options and offer ideas and alternatives to add some fun to an apartment — no matter the budget. 

If you try any DIY ideas in your apartment, be sure to share it and tag us on social at @pbbellapts. Happy decorating!