Multifamily Marketing Plan: Top Leasing Specials & Marketing Tactics

With new developments popping up left and right around the Valley, competition between multifamily communities is fierce. Renters have an abundance of options when it comes to picking their next place to call home. So, how do multifamily leaders stand out and grab the attention of prospective residents? In order to achieve lease up goals, a solid multifamily marketing plan needs to be in place — one that integrates strong leasing strategies and marketing tactics.

Each multifamily community is unique and has different obstacles and opportunities when it comes to attracting prospective residents. However, there are a number of strategies that can be implemented to meet the needs of the community. Here are a few of P.B. Bell’s top leasing and marketing tactics that can help lease up an apartment community

Leasing Specials

Incorporating appealing leasing specials is a great way to entice prospective residents to sign a lease with your community. Leasing specials can include a number of monetary or experience-based incentives. Some examples of attractive incentives include free rent for a certain amount of months, tickets to a local sporting event, an Amazon Prime/Netflix subscription, gift cards and more. Not every perk will make sense for all communities, so it’s important to consider what is the best fit for each demographic when building your multifamily marketing plan.

Referral programs are another great leasing strategy as it encourages existing residents to help bring in new residents. With a referral program in place, residents have the opportunity to earn incentives such as a discount on rent, gift cards and more. Referral programs tend to have a great ROI while also being low-effort for the multifamily team.

Marketing Tactics 

When building a solid multifamily marketing plan, it’s important to perfect the basics, as well as come up with fun, out-of-the-box ideas to help lease up your community. When it comes to the basics, a high-quality website that is user-friendly and features a variety of appealing visuals including photos, videos and other interactive features is a must. 

On top of the website, having a strong social media presence continues to be an important tactic in multifamily marketing plans. Social media is another way prospective residents can get a better understanding of what it would be like to live at the community. In order to utilize social media to the fullest, be sure to include a variety of photos and videos that highlight your community’s amenities, apartments, events, neighboring businesses, and more. 

Additionally, another great marketing strategy that generates more traffic to your community’s website is a community blog. While simultaneously integrating SEO throughout the content of the blog, these blogs can feature a variety of topics that would interest prospective residents. Here are a few fun blog topic ideas that can be tweaked to fit any community: 

  • Top 5 Holiday Happenings in (City)
  • Best Hikes in (City)
  • Support Local: 10 Must-Try New Restaurants in (City)

In order to stand out, grab the attention of prospective residents and exceed lease up goals, strategic leasing specials and a strong multifamily marketing plan needs to be in place. However, every marketing plan should be personalized to each community’s unique needs and opportunities. 

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