Tips for a Quality Vacant Apartment Checklist

When a resident’s lease is up and they move out, it’s the onsite team’s responsibility to ensure that the apartment is cleared, cleaned up and has had proper maintenance checks done prior to the new resident moving into the space. By following specific guidelines and a thorough turnover inspection checklist, the property management team creates a positive first impression with the new resident, as well as helps to create a welcoming environment and solid foundation for the resident to build their life around and call home. 

As June is Home Safety Month, here are P.B. Bell’s top tips for executing and following a vacant apartment checklist to help guarantee safety and quality, as well as provide the new resident with a space that looks good as new: 

Conduct a Walk-Through 

After a resident has moved their belongings out of the apartment, an onsite team member will walk through the space for an inspection. During this time, they make note of any areas that need attention, including replacements, maintenance, damages, new paint and more. To ensure all aspects of the unit is checked, the onsite team can utilize a maintenance turnover inspection checklist.

This checklist should cover all details of the apartment including the air conditioning, refrigerator, dishwasher, locks, windows, floors, interior and exterior lights, walls/ceilings, and more. On top of ensuring that all utilities are working properly, the onsite team should also conduct a thorough bed bug inspection that inspects the wall voids, baseboards, moldings, light switches, electrical outlets and more. Here is an example of a maintenance turnover checklist that P.B. Bell utilizes at its communities. 

As the onsite team member works through the maintenance turnover inspection checklist, they should check off each item as they go to keep a detailed record of the items that need attention. This checklist will also help keep track of what has been cleaned, replaced and fixed throughout the process.

Address Repairs & Maintenance 

Once the areas of the apartment that need attention are noted on the apartment rental checklist, it’s time to bring in the relevant teams to help address the areas of concern. The onsite team should delegate an ample amount of time to work on these various projects, especially if they need to outsource any vendors or contractors.

It’s important to start with maintenance and repairs before the team starts to clean the apartment, as some maintenance items can create a bit of a mess. Once these action items have been completed, it’s time to get to work on creating a clean and welcoming environment for the next incoming resident.

Deep Clean the Space 

Whether the onsite team manages the deep cleaning process or it’s outsourced to a cleaning company, the apartment should be cleaned “top to bottom.” This means starting with the ceiling, then working down the walls to the cabinets, countertops, and then to the baseboards and floor. When deep cleaning the carpet, be sure to account for enough time for the carpet to dry. Depending on the temperature and overall humidity levels, a freshly shampooed carpet can need anywhere between two to 24 hours to dry fully. Once this is finished, a final inspection will take place to address any last minute concerns before the residential turnover process is complete.

Having a quality and efficient residential turnover process and vacant apartment checklist helps guarantee the incoming resident’s satisfaction — first impressions are everything! With a detailed checklist handy, onsite property management teams can ensure every inch of the apartment is inspected, cleaned and has received the attention that it deserves.

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