Multifamily Community Package Delivery Challenges

The popularity of online shopping has been growing steadily over the past few years. Now, due to social distancing, e-commerce sales have skyrocketed. In fact, e-commerce sales increased by 44% in 2020. With this major increase in online shopping, multifamily property management leaders have had to drastically shift their focus to providing effective package solutions at their communities in order to keep up with the influx of demand. 

With an efficient and effective package solution in place, onsite property management teams can help ensure that deliveries make it to their correct destination, prevent package theft and a solid plan can save time overall for the onsite team. 

There are a number of ways that property management teams can overcome its delivery challenges but it is not a one-size-fits-all kind of solution. Each community is unique and has its own set of obstacles and opportunities. Due to this, it’s imperative that the property management team carefully analyzes their options in order to provide the best package solution for their community. 

Package Concierge & Parcel Lockers

For some communities, offering a parcel locker system is the best and most efficient way to keep packages organized. These package concierges take the responsibility of gathering and organizing packages from the onsite property management team, further enabling the team members to focus on their other duties. On top of this, parcel lockers give residents the ability to pick up their packages at any time of the day, instead of being limited to office hours. However, this solution isn’t always perfect or realistic to implement for every community so it is important to evaluate the community’s funds and needs first before integrating a package locker system. 

If you are looking into different package solutions for lockers, Parcel Pending is P.B. Bell’s preferred vendor. This package management option offers customizable locker solutions, package security and 24/7 live support. Another popular option is Amazon Hub Apartment Locker and there is also the budget-friendly Fetch which is good for various sizes of communities. Amazon Hub Apartment Lockers offer package pickup solutions for both Amazon and non-Amazon related packages. Fetch features a different solution by offering direct-to-door delivery. Packages are dropped off at a Fetch facility which then notifies the resident. Then, the resident can use the app to schedule a convenient delivery window for the package to be dropped off right at their door. 

Having package solutions such as parcel lockers and direct-to-door delivery have been useful during the COVID-19 pandemic. As many community offices have been closed and the need for contactless services is on the rise, offering these kinds of solutions at a multifamily community is a must.

Package Solutions for the Office

If a package locker system isn’t an option for a multifamily community, the onsite property management team will have to handle the packages in the office. In order to do this, the team will need to have an organized process in place to ensure packages are handled properly and get to the resident in a timely manner. This could mean installing shelving that corresponds to the apartment numbers so packages can be held there until the resident is able to come and pick them up. On top of this, there should be a log that keeps track of the packages, when they arrive, who they should go to, when they are picked up and should have a place to sign once the resident gets their package. This helps to keep both parties responsible throughout the process to avoid any major delivery challenges.

Managing packages in the office is a more affordable option for many communities and it allows for the onsite team to make use of existing space. On top of this, this solution can be adjusted and altered easily based on current needs. 

With this solution in place, communication between the onsite property management team and the residents is necessary. To overcome any delivery challenges, utilize regular texts and emails in order to update residents on when a package arrives, as well as send reminders as to where they can pick it up and when. For P.B. Bell communities that handle packages in the front office, our teams utilize texting with Rent Café CRM to communicate quickly with residents who have packages in the office that are ready for pick up. 

Implementing the best package solution for your multifamily community is crucial in order to help ensure its overall success. Each community comes with its own unique needs and challenges, so be sure to evaluate which option is best for your community, your team and residents in order to avoid any potential delivery challenges down the road. 

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