How To Create a Cozy and Functional Apartment You’re Obsessed With

Often times people feel like they shouldn’t waste their money on an apartment. After all, it’s not your forever home, right? I totally get that, but you’re missing out on something really magical. You’re missing out on waking up in a place that you love and that truly can feel like home. A home isn’t a $400k house, a home is a place that you come to to recharge and relax. It’s your little safe haven that keeps you safe from the noises of society.

Decorating your apartment with home decor that you love is going to make your place extra special to you. Investing in my apartment home is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. And since you’re moving out you’re ready for this adventure too! Here’s what happens when you create a home you love:

You gain clarity on who you are as a person and become comfortable in your own skin.

You have an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for where you are in life, even if it’s not going perfectly as planned.

You have a place to come home to that gives you the most relaxing and zen vibes.

You become more creative and useful with your time, because your home now inspires you to be your Best Self.


First things first, you need to define your Interior Style. This may be the hardest part of it all because there are so many to choose from. Let’s start with the most simple way to define the colors that will make you feel the most comfortable at home. It starts with what’s in your closet! What colors do you wear the most? I personally dress in neutrals, I feel the most comfortable in these simple colors, so they are the main colors I use in my apartment too 🙂 

Once you define your color palate, choose three main colors and use the 10/30/60 Rule. Let’s say you choose white, black and gold. Choose which color you want to make your primary color, 60%, and secondary color, 30%, and lastly a third color 10%. This creates balance throughout your home making it not to overwhelming and scattered.

Secondly, we need to bring in a mixture of elements to add warmth and cozy vibes to your home. Some elements to bring into your home can include: glass, linen, ceramic, wood, stoneware, gold, metals… If you can bring in a few of these they will bring in such amazing energy into your home. You can save photos and create a little mood board to put some colors and elements together to see what styles make your heart happy.


Most importantly, be you. This is YOUR space and it’s YOU who’s going to live in it. Fill your home with things that make you feel inspired and safe. I’m obsessed with candles and blankets, so I tend to go a little overboard with these in my apartment 🙂 Bring in some decor pieces that really represent you. Using Pinterest or Instagram is always a great way to feel inspired, but be careful to never try to recreate someone else’s home. Take a few things and ideas that you like from them and incorporate it into your home .


The first way to creating a functional home is decluttering. This is a huge step and one of the most crucial steps in creating your dream home. If you imagine your dream home, do you imagine it with tons of clutter and nick knacks everywhere? Or do you imagine a clean crisp home that’s inviting and beautiful?

This is going to take a lot of discipline if you’ve collected quite a few items over the time. I’m here to tell you something that I want you to really take in… are you ready for this?

“It’s okay to let things go.”

Did that sting a little? I know, it’s really hard to let things go when previously they’ve brought so much joy into your life. But here’s the thing, we are always evolving and changing and moving into new chapters in our lives. This means, that we can outgrow things, not because we don’t like them anymore but because they no longer serve a purpose in our future selves. 

Make a bag for donating and one for the trash. I’ve filled up at least over 15 bags full of things when I moved into my apartment a year ago. It was the most satisfying moment and it felt like my home expanded and I had a lot more room and fresh air! It’s the fastest way to open up more space and allow space for new things for the new you.


Because we are in a smaller home, I’m in a studio apartment, I love to take advantage of furniture that has lots of storage. There are three places you can get lots of storage but still have your place looking clean and crisp.

  • Your Night Stands
  • Your Tv Console
  • Your Coffee Table

If you’re short on storage, try to look for these pieces that have lots of storage with them too! I have lots of things hidden away in my tv console and night stands. We need all the storage we can get!


I wish someone told me about this when I moved in… “live in your space for a few months before nailing things in the wall and making things permanent.” You’re entering a new place and it’s going to take a few weeks to figure out what makes sense. Where should the couch be? Do you need a big dining table or just a small one? Do I need a desk? Will I need barstools?

Live in your space and figure out what would make your daily routine easier for you. Make a list of 5 things you absolutely want from your apartment. Ex: I want a place to work from home or I want a place to get ready and put make up on. Having a clear idea of what you want out of your space will keep you focused on what you will invest in and prioritize. You will create a home that is perfectly built just for you ♥ 


  1. Add Mirrors on your walls. Mirrors are such a great way to add more light and make any space look larger! Even go for a floor mirror if you have an empty wall or corner that you could use. I have mirrors everywhere.
  2. Add curtains to your windows and sliding glass door. This is such a game changer! Hang your curtain rod as close to the ceiling as possible to add more length. Remember to measure your curtains and try to make the curtain reach the floor or hover right above the floors. This will make any room look taller.
  3. Match your furniture to the color of your wall. I have white walls and by using white furniture it keeps my space looking bigger by having these pieces blending in instead of standing out and looking cluttered.
  4. Declutter. The more open space you have the bigger your place will look. Keep surfaces like your kitchen counter, coffee table, dining table all clear from clutter.

I’ve lived in an apartment for over four years, and if I’ve learned anything it’s to start creating your dream home today. You never know how long it will be until you’re ready to buy a home, so why wait for that moment? 

xo, Katie

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