How Multifamily Communities Benefit from a Strong Social Media Presence

Social media has become a major aspect of our everyday lives and is vital for helping to ensure the success of multifamily communities. Current and prospective residents alike utilize various social media platforms on a daily basis so it is essential that multifamily communities create and maintain a strong presence across all of its accounts. This can be done through consistent posting, engaging content and communicating effectively with individuals on your apartment community’s social media platforms. 

However, this is often easier said than done and onsite property management teams need to have an efficient system in place to ensure that they are maintaining and staying up to date with its multifamily community’s social media accounts

Utilizing the Apartment Community’s Social Media to Attract Residents

On top of looking at a community’s website, prospective residents will often scroll through your apartment community’s social media to help them determine whether or not the community is a good fit for their lifestyle. Engaging and quality content is necessary in order to attract these future residents and it’s also important to consistently check your community’s accounts as prospective residents may post questions in the comments or message your community directly. 

For prospective residents, it’s important to share a variety of content that highlights your community’s unique features. They want to get an inside look into the community so they can get a little taste of what it would be like to live there. 

Retaining Residents Through a Multifamily Community’s Social Media

Similarly, it is equally important to utilize your multifamily community’s social media to retain your current residents through interactive, engaging and quality content. A strong social media presence helps to build a stronger sense of community and overall brand loyalty. This can be achieved through quality content that encourages interaction with your community members and the onsite property management team, community announcements that are valuable to residents, as well as through posts about the surrounding community. 

Providing a variety of content that engages both residents and prospective residents is key to a strong social media campaign for any multifamily community. It’s crucial to have a plan in place in order to create and share consistent content, as well as have a game plan for the kind of content you want to share with your followers and other social media users. 

Social Media Post Ideas for Apartment Communities

Prospective residents will want to see photos, videos and virtual tours of the community on its social media accounts. This content should highlight important features including the amenities, floor plans and common areas. Offering a variety in the type of content, between video and photo, will give them a true idea of the units and amenities, therefore enabling them to better imagine living there. 

Additionally, prospective residents also benefit from seeing content covering recaps of successful community events and contests. By providing this kind of content frequently on your multifamily community’s social media, they can get a better idea of the kind of fun activities your community has in store for its residents which is valuable for prospective residents who are looking for a very social experience at their community. 

When creating social media post ideas for your community that will appeal to current residents, remember that a variety of content is necessary in order to consistently engage residents, as opposed to having them simply scroll past your posts in their feeds. They’re looking for unique and interactive content about the community and informative posts that keep them in-the-know about what is happening in the surrounding area. 

These posts can feature engaging social media contests, updates about the community and details regarding upcoming community events. Residents also value posts that keep them engaged with the surrounding area, including posts about new restaurants opening, links to articles about upcoming events in the city and more. Utilizing a mix of photo and video content is important and property management teams should also play around with the platform’s Live features to interact with current residents in real-time from its apartment community’s social media

Social media can be a powerful tool to create an engaging experience for residents and prospective residents alike. For onsite property management teams, creating consistent and quality content for its multifamily community’s social media can be an essential part of attracting new residents, as well as retaining current residents. 

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