Designing Modern Senior Living Communities

Stuffy and bland senior living communities are a thing of the past, and gone are the days where each activity or amenity needs its own room. As modern senior living designs continue to adapt to the needs and desires of its target market, master plans now integrate free-flowing and spacious living spaces that encourage movement and engagement. Current senior and assisted living design concepts mix contemporary, fresh styles to create spaces that encourage residents to get social, have fun, and stay active all while receiving appropriate care.

Not only are the communities we build luxury and amenity-rich, but we believe in utmost functionality and comfort as senior living communities are often the place where people choose to spend the remainder of their lives. It’s most important to provide them with a space where they can feel as safe and at home as possible while also feeling confident that their needs will be properly attended to. 

Take Inspira Arrowhead, for example. Our design caters to each individual resident’s unique needs by offering several lifestyle choices: independent living, assisted living, and residential memory care. These varying sections are an excellent solution for a single person or couples with different needs that want to remain living near each other. Residents can choose an independent living studio or a one or two-bedroom apartment, all with the security of knowing that as their needs evolve, the community will be there to assist them in whatever they need. Inspira Arrowhead also offers assisted living and memory care apartments and programs, each with wellness at the forefront of their focus.

Modern Senior Living Amenities

On top of meeting specific codes, regulations and guidelines, senior living design concepts are focusing on providing quality, luxury amenities throughout the community and enhancing overall living experiences. 

Numerous studies and research show that walking increases the life expectancy of men and women, which has boosted the need for spacious amenities and outdoor spaces that get individuals moving. Modern senior living communities will often feature outdoor walking paths to offer residents a way to explore their community and enjoy a breath of fresh air. These gentle paths offer multiple benches and rest areas along the way so individuals can take a break and relax for a bit. On top of this, state-of-the-art fitness centers as well as a pool and spa allow residents to focus on their health and wellness with various safe workout equipment pieces and classes.

Luxury senior living communities often feature an all-inclusive resort-like feel with a variety of dining options, salons, stores and more onsite. Although many senior living communities are popping up in more urbanized areas, which makes walkability an appealing feature, many residents still desire the ease, comfort and convenience of having all that they may need within their own community. 

Having several spacious social areas, both indoor and outdoor, are attractive features to many prospective residents. Luxury senior living design concepts integrate this idea into their plans, with many social spaces throughout the community, including game rooms, fire pits with lounge chairs, common areas and more. 

Luxury Senior Living Apartment Design

Within the individual units in senior living master-planned communities, residents are looking for a room and living space that is more than just a place where they sleep and eat. Prospective residents are looking for a luxurious, upscale living experience with exquisite finishes, stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and more. Their common areas, including the living room and kitchen, should be spacious and offer plenty of room for entertaining. These areas should effortlessly flow together, with the kitchen opening up to the living room. 

Modern senior living communities embrace and integrate contemporary luxury design concepts to appeal to this next generation of prospective residents. To attract and retain residents, developers need to incorporate fresh amenities that encourage movement, socialization and overall well-being and offer updated living spaces that provide plenty of space for whatever they need. 

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