Here’s How to Show Appreciation for Your Essential Workers — The P.B. Bell Way

This year more than ever, essential workers have been the glue that has held businesses together through the COVID-19 pandemic. There is no time like the present to celebrate and honor the hard work and dedication that essential workers do every day, and especially during these unprecedented times. P.B. Bell recently celebrated Maintenance Appreciation Week across its portfolio to thank these essential employees for all they do. 

P.B. Bell’s leadership team truly values their employees at all levels, and they celebrate all positions with special events and shout outs throughout the year. To show their maintenance and housekeeping employees exactly how important they are, they made sure to do something unique at each community since all of our employees appreciate different things!  From surprise snacks, gift cards and work-related goodies, to decorating golf carts with streamers and even having an appreciation banner hang in the leasing offices throughout the week, P.B. Bell did everything they could to give back to their maintenance and housekeeping teams. But when is Maintenance Appreciation Week, anyway? That’s up to you which is what makes it so great.  You can choose a time that works best for your company and staff.  So, be sure to choose a date, mark it on your calendars for next year and keep reading for some celebration inspiration. 

Food Is the Way to The Heart 

P.B. Bell understands that a good meal or sweet treat is the way to the heart! To celebrate their essential workers, the team surprised everyone with treats throughout the week. No matter what industry essential workers are in, food is a great way to show appreciation. When the next appreciation week rolls around, try sending out a survey if you don’t already know everyone’s favorite food so you can personalize it by giving a gift card to their favorite restaurant or bringing them. Or, surprise the group with donuts on a Monday morning to kick the week off on a good note. (You can’t go wrong with donuts.) You can easily create punny graphics to go along with any of your ideas as well! “Donut know what we’d do without you.” 😉

Simple Acts of Kindness 

Ways to show appreciation don’t have to involve spending a ton of money. P.B. Bell got creative and celebrated their workers by decorating their golf carts and the leasing office with company colored streamers and a themed banner. This is a simple and meaningful way to make the maintenance team feel appreciated and valued. There are other effective ways to execute this idea, for example, companies could make cards and post on social media. If you want to get your residents involved, you can create cards for them to fill out thanking a maintenance team member and post them all over the leasing office or have them post a tribute about their maintenance team using a hashtag on Facebook and Instagram.

Work-Related Goodies: Practical and Fun 

Another great way to celebrate Maintenance Appreciation Week is to gift your employees with work-related and company logoed goodies! P.B. Bell custom ordered work bags and other branded items that employees use on a regular basis. This is a great way for companies to not only invest in their own brand, but also in their employees who use certain products every single day. 

Maintenance Appreciation Week is a holiday that can’t be forgotten about. Our essential workers deserve to be celebrated and appreciated, no matter how small or big the gesture. For more information on how P.B. Bell celebrated their maintenance and housekeeping teams, check out this link: