Federal Health Guidelines — How To Stay Safe in Your Apartment Community

As we continue to adapt to the new normal and its changes, it’s easy to forget that we need to continue to practice the important CDC guidelines in our own home and community in order to keep ourselves and others safe. While it is extremely important to practice social distancing and proper hygiene while we are out in the world, we still need to remember that COVID-19 and germs can still make their way into our living spaces. With this in mind, there are a number of community health policies, procedures and guidelines that are important to keep in mind inside your own home and apartment community.

Practice the Preventative Basics in Your Space 

Although it is crucial to wash your hands while out and about in public, it is also imperative to be washing your hands regularly while at home. Remember that surfaces and the air inside your home and community can still contain germs. Once you return to your home, you should wash your hands right away to avoid spreading any germs onto clean surfaces in your space. Even though you may feel clean in your apartment or house, you should still continue to wash your hands before sitting down to eat as well. 

Along with washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, you should also continue to cough and sneeze into your elbow to reduce the spread of germs. If you have roommates or family sharing common areas, bathrooms, or bedrooms with you, you should take extra measures to keep your distance, especially if you are not feeling well. You can also disinfectant surfaces regularly, including countertops, doorknobs, light switches and more. Your phone can contract a lot of germs throughout the day, so it’s important to take a moment to also wipe down your phone with a disinfectant wipe. Establishing strong health policies, procedures and guidelines within your home will help prevent the spread of harmful germs and viruses.

Out in the Community

When you are out and about within the community, it’s important to maintain social distancing measures on top of the additional guidelines that your apartment community has in place. Keeping up with the CDC’s recommendations and the community’s rules will help to keep you, other residents and the employees safe and healthy. Whether walking through the halls or through the indoor and outdoor common areas, be sure to be mindful of keeping your distance from other residents. It is recommended that individuals wear masks if they are going to come into contact with other individuals. On top of this, continuing to cough or sneeze into your elbow will prevent your germs from spreading to other people. Following simple federal health guidelines outlined by the CDC, as well as by your apartment community, will benefit your own health and the overall health of others. 

As new information comes out and the CDC continues to update its recommendations, it is imperative to keep up with these new regulations, as well as your community’s health policies, procedures and guidelines. Whether inside your apartment or while out and about in the community, we should do all that we can to keep ourselves and the people around us safe and healthy.