How to Make a Date Night at Home

As many of us continue to play it safe during this new normal by avoiding dining in at restaurants, browsing shops, going to movie theaters and other larger gatherings, it can be hard to make time for and find ways to still “date” your significant other while being stuck at home. Whether you are a newer couple looking for innovative ways to get to know each other better or you’ve been together for years and want to try something new — look no further! We’re with you and we’ve got some creative ideas so you can get excited for date night again. There are plenty of fun activities for a date night at home that can be done no matter the budget or time constraints. 

Last-Minute Date Night Ideas for Couples at Home

Don’t have enough time to plan out an extravagant and fun date night at home? Do not fret — there are plenty of easy ways to have a spontaneous date night in the comfort of your own home. For a simple, yet very romantic gesture, opt to make one of your meals a little more special with an indoor or outdoor picnic. Lay a comfy blanket on the ground, light a few candles and prepare a lovely meal for two (bonus if you have a cute little picnic basket for your food but definitely not a necessity!) Or amp up your evening with some competitive fun and hold a game night with your significant other. Break out the classics, including Monopoly, Jenga, BattleShip and more! All you need are some tasty snacks and sweet drinks to keep your energy up and the competition exciting. 

For a more chill night in, grab your favorite rom-com movie, put on your comfiest PJs, pop some buttery popcorn, and get cozy on the couch for a movie night! To make the night even more memorable, spend some time before the movie to get creative and build an indoor fort together. Use any items you have in your space, including chairs, blankets, pillows and more, to build your mini fortress that is ideal for cuddling. 

Pull Out All the Stops on Fun Date Night Ideas

For those who have a little more time to plan and really want to wow their partner with a super special evening, there are a number of fun activities for a date night that will be sure to sweep them off of their feet. Are you and your significant other interested in learning something new? Use your date night to take advantage of that! For those who are constantly asking to get sushi for takeout, satisfy your California roll cravings by getting a sushi making kit for your date night in. Then, throw on some party jams and learn a new skill together. Who knows, you may become pros! 

For another fun date night idea at home to really pamper you (and your partner!), you can plan a romantic spa night to show them just how much you care. Splurge or find some budget-friendly face masks, add in some scented lotions, candles, a relaxing massage and voila! You now have a luxury spa within your own home that your significant other will be sure to love. 

For wine and beer connoisseurs, escape to the vineyard or brewery without having to leave your own home by signing up for a virtual tasting. Experienced sommeliers, cicerones and mixologists can take your taste buds on a journey that you and your significant other will not forget. 

Family Bonding Activity Ideas 

If you are looking for some family-friendly experiences to bring everyone together, there are a variety of family bonding activities that take minimal planning and can be done on a budget — without having to leave your home! Break out some paint, brushes, paper or canvases and have a fun paint-party. You can follow a tutorial on YouTube or choose to freestyle it. For some extra (but a little messy) fun, skip the brushes and use your fingers for some finger-painted masterpieces. Or, for a fun family dinner, grab some pizza dough, sauce and plenty of cheese to make your own individual pizza pies! These family bonding activities never looked so good!

Although we are all still adapting to this new normal, there are still plenty of creative and fun activities for a date night at home — all it takes is a little planning and lots of love!