Coronavirus Design: Amenities Might Not Change as Much as You Think

As COVID-19 in the U.S. continues to remain a prevalent problem, multifamily real estate developers are adapting apartment design to accommodate this new era and the changes that it brings long term. Although multifamily design will adjust to fit social distancing standards, the amenities that many consider to be a staple within luxury apartments will not change as much as one might think. These amenities, including co-working lounges and outdoor entertainment areas, will remain within multifamily communities, and will likely be more common than ever before. However, these amenity spaces will have minor adjustments in order to adapt to the new standards put in place due to COVID-19 as well as the ever-changing needs of prospective residents.

Work-From-Home Luxury Apartment Amenities

With many individuals working from home for the remainder of the year or indefinitely, multifamily leaders are putting a major emphasis on co-working spaces. These amenities have grown in popularity over the years and COVID-19 has fast-tracked the need for community workspaces in existing and new luxury apartments. These spaces provide an area for residents to hunker down and get work done that is separate from their own living space. Providing co-working lounges can often help residents with their overall productivity and efficiency levels.

However, the impact of coronavirus on design has also forced architects and development teams to reevaluate how they develop these workspaces. They have to provide plenty of space for individuals to be able to work in the same area while still abiding by social distancing standards. This can also mean creating more individual co-working spaces to limit social interaction altogether. On top of this, developers are focusing on optimizing these areas for technology. This means providing plenty

of outlets for residents to be able to spend an extended amount of time working in these spaces, as well as providing the highest quality of high-speed internet.

Focus on Outdoor Amenities

With many individuals practicing social distancing, working from home and going out less in general, residents are itching to find ways to get out of the apartment and get outside. Due to this, outdoor common areas will continue to be a staple in luxury apartment amenities. Prospective residents can expect to find more communities with easily accessible rooftop decks, picnic areas, courtyards and more. However, due to the increased demand to get outside paired with the need to practice social distancing, it’s likely that there will be some minor changes in these outdoor spaces. In new communities that have ample space to spare, developers will focus on expanding the outdoor community areas to allow for social distancing.

Prospective residents can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that luxury apartment amenities will remain the same, just with some minor adjustments. Due to COVID-19 and social distancing standards, multifamily developers are adjusting their plans in order to accommodate these new needs so residents will not have to compromise on their living experience.

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