Tips for Packing & Moving to a New Home During COVID-19

Moving into a new space during the COVID-19 pandemic can cause a lot of unnecessary stress. On top of packing up your old home, you also need to find a quality moving company that you can trust, as well as move into your new space safely. Here is P.B. Bell’s top tips for packing and moving to a new home or apartment safely and efficiently during COVID-19. 

House Packing Tips 

There are several apartment and house packing tips and tricks to keep in mind when starting to pack up your place. When it comes to packing up your home you can never start too early. You want to make sure to give yourself adequate time to fully pack up. If you’re moving out of a 3-4 bedroom home, we recommend 4 FULL days of packing. Start with the rooms that you use the least and end with the kitchen. 

Once you have packed up the first room, make that your “packing room.” Labeling your boxes will make it easier for you to organize your belongings. Take the time to make detailed labels as to what is in each box. Also, indicate if the items in the box are fragile or not.

This is a time to reflect on everything you have been stockpiling. If it’s not a necessity and you have not considered using that item in over a year, GET RID OF IT! You can create a separate donation pile to get rid of any unnecessary items.

Don’t pack your home on your own! It takes a village, so don’t let your kids dilly dally around while you’re stressing. When it comes to packing up bedrooms, think smarter not harder. Dressers already have your clothes packed — don’t take them out! As for the closet, consider getting special boxes that have hanging rods. Utilizing smart apartment and house packing tips will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Finding a Moving Company Tips

Even though many Valley cities have a mandate in place that requires individuals to wear masks and practice social distancing, not everyone will follow the rules. Finding a moving company that is taking this pandemic seriously is important — safety comes first! If you’re using a moving truck be sure to ask if the truck has been sanitized and if not, make sure you can properly sanitize it before utilizing it yourself. 

For your own comfort and safety, another tip to consider is finding a moving company that can give you a quote without seeing your space. Many moving companies should be able to give you a quote of the price of the move without coming into your home. On top of this, the movers should be wearing masks as they move in and out of your house, and keeping their distance from your family. If you have small kids or pets, it might make it easier to move without them there (also safer). Consider having them stay with a family member while you move for the day.

Moving Safety Tips

As much as we would like to think everyone is using PPE gear and social distancing, that unfortunately is not always the case. Have a conversation with the company you hire to make sure the people coming into your home are reliable and trustworthy.

Additional moving safety tips include finding a company that requires its movers to wear masks and gloves. However, while the moving company should be taking precautions on their end, you should also be considerate of their health and safety. During the move-out day, be sure to wash your hands frequently throughout the process. On top of this, you also need to be honest with yourself. If you don’t feel good then you shouldn’t have the movers come into your home. It’s important to keep other’s health top of mind as well. 

Packing up and moving out can be a stressful task, especially during COVID-19. However, utilizing smart moving safety tips and finding a quality moving company will help make the job much easier and give you peace of mind.

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