The Impact of Social Distancing on Resident Events

As social distancing continues to create a new set of norms for various aspects of our lives, the impact that these guidelines have had on the multifamily industry have become more prevalent as time goes on. In order to stay afloat, communities have had to quickly adapt in order to meet the needs of their current residents, as well as bring in prospective residents. One change that seems to be here to stay is the shift in the way onsite property management teams manage and implement resident events.  Below are some trends we’re seeing and implementing at our local communities. 

Going Beyond the Basics of Social Media

Social distancing has highlighted the importance of going beyond the average social media contests and giveaways in order to boost resident engagement throughout the community. Gone are the days where onsite property management teams could promote a social media contest where residents simply had to either like or comment in order to be entered to win. The influence of social distancing in the industry has caused onsite teams to boost their creativity when it comes to conducting social contests. Unique examples of these contests include indoor photo scavenger hunts, online bingo, virtual spirit weeks, and more. Implementing social media contests that encourage residents to get up, move around and explore their own creativity will receive more interest and participation than generic giveaways that are harder to engage them with. 

Offering Local Eats

Due to the fact that many individuals are dining-in less or avoiding eating out altogether, many residents are likely missing eating out and enjoying some of their favorite local treats. In order to provide residents with that simple comfort, onsite property management teams can partner with local restaurants to bring food trucks onsite for the residents to enjoy. Not only is this a great option for residents to safely enjoy their favorite bites while still abiding by social distancing guidelines, it also helps local businesses during a time when many are struggling during this economic downturn. 

Going Virtual

An obvious solution to offering resident events that abide by social distancing rules is to move toward virtual events. Virtual events are cost-effective and efficient. With some innovative-thinking and planning, many popular resident events can be easily turned into a virtual event. For example, paint parties and bingo nights can easily be shifted toward a virtual event. For interested residents, onsite property management teams can drop off the necessary supplies at their doorstep on the day of so they can easily participate in the comfort of their own apartment. 

However, in order to have a high turnout for these kinds of events, it’s crucial that onsite property management teams still strive to promote these events to residents. This can be done through social media, email newsletters, as well as by dropping off gift bags at residents’ doorsteps. These goodie bags can be filled with sweet treats related to the upcoming event, along with a little note with all of the information that they will need in case they are interested in participating. For example, for a Netflix Party, the items can include a bag of popcorn, candy, a soda and a simple “we’re here for you” note with a link to join the RSVP list.

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