Unique Ways To Celebrate Your Recent Grad

Graduations and celebrations may have been cancelled due to the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean your recent grad’s hard work should go unnoticed. So, why not come up with some creative ways to showcase their academic success over the past few years? We’ve got you covered with some unique ways to celebrate while practicing social distancing. 

Friends and Family Drive-By 

Decorate the outside of your graduate’s house with their high school’s or college’s colors by using balloons, signs, and streamers to set the tone. Then, schedule a time for friends and family to drive-by and say congratulations! Encourage the party-goers to accessorize their cars with posters, wear that college’s game day apparel and play classic, graduation walk-out music. This is a simple way to bring family and friends together for this special moment.

Special Zoom Calls 

If your special graduate’s family and friends are located in a different state right now, set up a Zoom or FaceTime call with the group. The graduation party is something that graduates are often the most excited about post-ceremony, so this gesture will make an impact. To create an element of surprise, ensure your grad has their computer on the right day and time, and surprise them! During the call, give everyone a chance to say congratulations and speak on the greatest memories from their high school or college years.  

Grad Photos For Social Media

Although most professional photographers aren’t taking clients right now, you and your grad can still snap a few photos to capture this significant milestone. Tell your grad to throw on their cap and gown and head to a park, their campus, or even the backyard to take a few pictures to share with friends and family on social media. This might not be the common graduation announcement card, but followers can still comment, share, and congratulate your recent grad through this method. 

Virtual Yearbook 

Create a virtual yearbook by using Google Drive. Add friends and family member’s emails to a Google Document, so everyone can congratulate, give advice, and share the best memories from the past four years, such as inside jokes about classes. After everyone has added something to the document, share it with your recent grad! This is an inexpensive, fast, and sentimental way to show your grad how proud their loved ones are of their success. 

Whether it’s a drive-thru celebration or a special Zoom call, there are plenty of ways to celebrate and recognize your recent grad’s hard work, while still making unforgettable memories. No matter how you choose to celebrate your 2020 grad, it is sure to be unique and something they will never forget.