How to Connect on Virtual Levels While Social Distancing

Social distancing has proven to make connecting with friends and family a tad more difficult than before. And, some would say, it’s more important now than ever to stay in touch with loved ones. So, how does one get past the obstacles that social distancing presents? Virtual opportunities! We’ve come up with a few creative ways to stay in contact online with friends and family. The upside? All you need is some trusty Wi-Fi. 


Online Movie Nights

Movie theatres may be off the table right now but you can still enjoy viewing one from your home, while having conversations with your fellow Blockbuster fans in real time. Netflix Party is now available as an extension of Chrome and it allows people to chat back and forth using text, emojis, and GIFs! If you would rather something that is more face-to-face friendly, try using video chat applications like FaceTime or Zoom. There’s no need to binge watch alone with these options readily available that make for legendary watch parties. Grab your popcorn and get connected. Need some recommendations of shows and movies to watch, check out this blog that’s full of them. 


Virtual Happy Hours

If you’re missing happy hours with coworkers or friends, try continuing the tradition after your work from home day is done! Encourage your normal happy hour goers to prepare drinks and appetizers for a virtual meet up. Take this to the next level by setting up specific themes for each night. For some inspiration, Taco Tuesdays or Wine Wednesdays can make everyone feel even more connected, as well as add to the fun. All you need is your drink of choice in one hand and your phone in the other for this virtual opportunity. 


Online Celebrations

Does someone in your friend group or family have a big milestone coming up such as graduation or a birthday? Don’t let social distancing stop you from celebrating these events safely! Put together a surprise Zoom birthday party or graduation celebration for your loved ones to make sure these occasions don’t go unnoticed. Encourage attendees to grab champagne or cupcakes to set the mood, as well as make it feel like everyone is together to celebrate that special someone. 


Game Time

Your friend group may be missing game nights so luckily there are a few ways to keep this activity going strong, virtually. Tabletop Simulator has online board games that allow multiple people to play classics like poker, chess and dominoes. The Houseparty app is free and allows all your friends to connect and play games like Heads Up!, trivia or quick draw. Or, if your group prefers video games, Twitch allows users to chat while playing a variety of video games. Continue to keep the competitiveness among your friends and family alive and well for the future in-person game nights.  


Don’t let traditions or fun end just because of social distancing, consider incorporating online meet-ups to stay connected with your loved ones. With technology, Wi-Fi and some creativity, you can stay in touch and get together while still staying safe.