How To Stay Active While Social Distancing

Social distancing has been a driving force for people to pick up more fitness habits during this extra downtime. However, it can be difficult to know where to start or to find new ways to get creative with it. Luckily, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite new tips and tricks to inspire you to stay active, get motivated and get moving. 

Fitness Outside

If you are looking to get some fresh air, try getting your heart rate pumping outside of your apartment. From runs around the neighborhood and park, to bike rides on local trails, there are countless ways to get moving in the great outdoors. This can also be a way to encourage your family, and roommates to get out of the house and spend quality time together, while social distancing of course. To spark some competition with yourself or friends, download a running/walking tracking app to see who can go the farthest. Try out some of the best running tracking apps to find the right fit for you to maximize your run with motivation and music. Need any more reason to go? Your pup wants to enjoy a w-a-l-k too! Even a quick walk down the street is better than nothing, and will make you feel energized and more productive. Be sure that no matter where you go, that you are careful and practice social distancing. Try to avoid busy trails and going during peak times if possible. 

Working Out Indoors

If you prefer air conditioning, then there are plenty of at-home workouts to try. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, many fitness boutiques have transitioned to virtual platforms to continue to share their workouts. Plus, many don’t call for any equipment so anyone can join. Also, on social media and Youtube, there are workout guides for legs, arms, full-body, toning, HIIT, and yoga. Check out these videos for some inspiration: 30-Minute No Equipment Full Body Toning Workout and Full Body Flow. If you want to be held accountable for completing the workouts, there are free apps such as 30 Day Fitness, Nike Training Club, and 7 Minute Workout. No matter what, there are workouts that vary in difficulty, time, and space requirements, so you can find something that is perfect for you. 

Getting Creative

Sometimes doing workouts that just involve body-weight doesn’t cut it, but there are lots of alternative weight items to utilize if you don’t have dumbbells or squat racks laying around. Trainers around the world understand their clients’ struggle of not having access to normal gym equipment, so many of them have adjusted their workout routines that only call for ordinary, everyday items. Check out how trainers are using household items such as milk jugs, chairs, bottles, and even shoes to make a worthwhile, tough workout. Need more ideas? This video shows a variety of workouts using even more household items. 

While gyms may be closed for the time being, you can still stay active, feel good and reach your goals while at home. Don’t be afraid to try out new, fun exercises to get your body moving.