How to Explore Outside Your Apartment Without Leaving the Comfort of Your Couch

After all of the movie marathons, spring cleaning and at-home workouts, many individuals are seeking other opportunities for fun while still practicing social distancing in their apartment or home. Luckily, social distancing is sparking creative ways to explore virtual adventures that don’t require changing out of pajamas, plus many have the added bonus of being free to enjoy! We’ve rounded up some of the best online opportunities that will bring some much-needed excitement to the living room and hopefully will cure any feelings of going stir crazy. 


Get Up Close & Personal with Wildlife

For those who are passionate about sea life, then the Georgia Aquarium is the perfect solution. They have set up a few different webcams that are accessible 24/7 and showcase beluga whales, sea otters and penguins in their natural habitats. For those looking for a midday pick-me-up, tune in to the Cincinnati Zoo livestream on its Facebook page. The livestream is available every day at 3 p.m. and it explores all of the different animals’ exhibits. Take a break and enjoy as they showcase various animals such as lions, koalas and zebras.


Explore Nature Indoors

Looking to do some sightseeing without risking health and safety measures? Yellowstone National Park is just what you need! The park is giving virtual tours of the main attractions of the park such as Fort Yellowstone, Fountain Paint Pot and Mammoth Hot Springs. If you are more of a West-coast person, California’s Sequoia National Park is also offering virtual tours on Google Maps, where you can check out different terrains and sites. 


Fun for the Kids

Schools may have closed, but that doesn’t mean the highly anticipated field trips have to come to an end too. Luckily for students, the Boston Children’s Museum has created an interactive tour that takes students from exhibit to exhibit in real-time. Another virtual activity for the kids, especially those fascinated with planets and stars, is NASA’s Story Time from Space. While astronauts float around in space, they also read books to kids which makes for an out-of-this-world bedtime experience. To give your family a taste of some of the finest art in the world, the Louvre Museum in Paris has you covered. It offers a variety of virtual tours including Egyptian Antiques, Remains of the Louvre’s Moat and Galerie d’Apollon.



When creating countless playlists and listening to the same albums fails, try giving virtual concerts and music festivals a try! Many artists and bands have had to postpone tours, but still want to entertain and share their performances with their concert fanatics. Some notable artists that are giving virtual concerts include Jaden Smith, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Billie Eilish, Kacey Musgraves and more. To stay up-to-date with all of the upcoming concerts and happenings, Billboard is constantly updating its list of upcoming virtual concerts and livestreams.  


Become an Interior Design Pro

If all this extra time spent in your apartment makes you itch to explore new decor and styles for your space then do not fret. There are plenty of opportunities to begin brainstorming in order to refresh your living areas without actually having to leave them! To stay organized, try utilizing Pinterest to build coordinated boards for the different rooms in your apartment. There are also a variety of apartment design apps to help you create your dream space. Houzz contains a library that is overflowing with more than 16 million high-resolution interior design images. On top of this, the app also allows you to purchase items directly through the app, saving you the hassle of Google searches. For more design app inspiration, check out this list here.


While social distancing can cause individuals to feel a tad stir crazy at times, it’s important to remember that there are plenty of fun and innovative ways to explore while also staying safe and healthy at home.