Bringing School and After-School Activities Into Your Apartment

Schools have closed for the remainder of the year which means it’s time for parents to put on their teacher hats.

Many moms and dads may be juggling their own professional work from home, as well as trying to keep their kids focused on hitting the books. Children aren’t doing their school work all day, which leaves plenty of time for boredom to kick in which is just another obstacle for parents. Playing teacher for a few hours and keeping the kiddos entertained for the remainder of the day is easier said than done, as many parents can attest to. Here at P.B. Bell, we have some tips and tricks that will provide a (much needed) extra hand with education and entertainment while stuck at home.

Educational Apps: Luckily for parents, there are a variety of free educational apps available that are efficient and effective. These apps have lessons, activities and assignments to ensure students don’t fall behind, and are prepared for the next grade level. For example, Khan Academy covers a range of subjects and includes personalized grade level material. Or, if your student is ahead of the game, try downloading an app like Quizlet where they can put their knowledge to the test with virtual flashcards. This makes your homework time more enjoyable and worry-free because your high school student can brush up on their chemistry skills, while your fifth grader participates in an at-home spelling bee. For more app suggestions, click here.

Maintain a Routine: In addition to putting these free apps to good use, it’s also important to keep the kids on a schedule that is similar to the one they were on during the regular school week. Encourage them to wake up and go to bed around the same time, get dressed and even work on school subjects in the same order that their teachers did. Even though their normal everyday routine may have been disrupted, incorporating a schedule (even a loose one) creates a sense of normalcy and calm.

After-School Fun: After the kids are ready to throw in the towel for schoolwork that day, it’s important to keep the family entertained to avoid cabin fever. When the family has watched endless movies and television shows, it can become mundane after a while. Instead, encourage the family to make a fort in the living room, organize a treasure hunt around the apartment or community, play homemade BINGO, or even attempt training your pup! If the kids want to try their hand at baking or cooking, whip up some treats like brownies or cookies, or make snacks for an at-home picnic. Feeling crafty? Try your hand at making some homemade Play-Doh.

When you and the kids are itching to explore, consider virtually exploring a new museum or aquarium. Wander throughout the Louvre to discover historical artwork or meander through the Georgia Aquarium to see what life is like under the sea.

All of these activities can bring the family together after a long day, as well as boost everyone’s overall mood. For more after-school activities to enjoy at home, click here.

We hope you give some of these education and at-home entertainment ideas a try, or that we have at least sparked some creativity to keep day-to-day life interesting while the family adapts to school and work-from-home.