How to Practice Social Distancing in Your Apartment

By now, you have probably heard a lot about the rapid spread of COVID-19. This virus has caused many people to work remotely, self-quarantine and practice social distancing. In today’s society, it’s normal to be constantly on-the-go and rarely at home. With that being said, being stuck on the couch or in front of a desk for weeks in your apartment can prove itself to be a difficult adjustment. Here at P.B. Bell, we have a few tips to stay healthy, get inspired and avoid going stir crazy while practicing social distancing at home. 


Go Out Only When Absolutely Necessary

Save yourself from the panic-buying and long lines, as grocery stores are constantly receiving new shipments and stocking their shelves. Grocery stores will remain open and fully-functioning, despite what some social media posts might suggest. Try to limit how often you swing by the grocery store. Making grocery lists can limit the amount of times you have to go, as well as keep you organized and efficient during these hectic times. Some grocery stores are even offering online shopping and pickup. This is a great way to avoid crowds and limit the spread of the virus, and it’s all from the comfort of your car. Taking precautions like this can help to weather the COVID-19 storm. 


Remember, if you do need to go out, whether it’s to the grocery store, pharmacy or doctor’s office, be sure to respect other people and be aware of your surroundings by remaining at least 6 feet apart from other individuals. This rule of thumb is just another precaution to take to help limit the spread of the virus. 


Get Creative 

After a few days of being cooped up in your apartment, you may experience some boredom. When this happens, take it as a great opportunity to recharge and focus on hobbies or chores that you may have put on the backburner. Whether that means dusting off old paint brushes and canvases, breaking in fitness attire, binge-watching a TV series, or pursuing a thorough room-by-room organization — these simple actions will be sure to lift your spirits. 


As many schools have temporarily shut down, many kids have likely been thrown off of their daily routines. As a result, the entire household can feel a tad shaken up at times. Children may be anxious about the current situation, as well as just bored. To take their minds off of things, give them some easy arts and crafts, let them bake cookies or host a family game night. Getting your heart rate up can also significantly improve your mood as well. Try moving furniture to complete a family-friendly at-home workout, which are available for free online. 


Connect Virtually 

Social interaction is important to anyone’s wellbeing and COVID-19 doesn’t have to completely halt all forms of communication. Although it can be a challenge, it’s important to keep in touch with friends, family and neighbors more than ever. Using social media platforms that are right at your fingertips can fulfill the necessary community aspect of life. For some one-on-one face time, download video chat apps that allow you to host multiple people in one chat so everyone can catch up. If you are working from home, embrace your company’s instant messaging platforms to stay connected and bond with your coworkers. 


Although the current situation is not ideal and social distancing can be hard, it’s important to maintain a routine and remember that we are all doing our part for society. From our P.B. Bell family to yours, we hope you stay safe, happy and healthy.