Falling In Love With Your New Space

Even after finally receiving the keys to a new apartment, it can feel like something is missing. That feeling you can’t quite put your finger on? A sense of home. It can take months to make a space truly feel like yours. Plus, even after living in a space for awhile, the environment can lose its original flair and call for a change. Here are a few of our top tricks to make any space feel like home right after the big move-in or even later into the lease.


A breath of fresh air… Literally

If a room seems stuffy, try incorporating plants or fresh cut flowers to make the room more breathable and add some color. This doesn’t mean you need a green thumb, as there are plenty of house plant options that are low-maintenance, such as easy-going succulents. Just be sure to adopt a plant that can take some neglect on the day, or days, you forget to water. If you need a pick-me-up, buy seasonal flowers to brighten your day and the room. Having something to take care of (even just sparingly) might be the simple addition that your living or dining room desperately needs.


Find the perfect signature scent

Most people have a go-to perfume or cologne. When it comes to your apartment, having a signature and soothing scent can completely transform a space. Try finding an inviting yet subtle candle, wall plug, fabric spray or essential oil that everyone can identify with your unique home. Give your nose a workout and sniff out your favorite scent. When in doubt, eucalyptus, vanilla, and floral candles are a safe bet.


Let there be light

Adding some light, whether by hanging some string lights or simply by opening a window can dramatically make a space feel more like home. Adding light can make your home seem more inviting, and even boost your mood and energy levels. If you can’t land on one type of light fixture, consider investing in one that can change lighting levels and colors depending on your mood. Nothing screams home like having total control over the light.


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Hanging one large mirror, or a combination of smaller mirrors, is a foolproof way to modernize your home. Mirrors can brighten up a dark hallway and create the illusion of a more spacious area. It can also dramatically dress up an otherwise drab wall. Plus, next time you are frantically running out the door, you can quickly glance at your appearance and fix your hair on your way out.


A touch of nostalgia

Adding a few of your favorite things from your childhood can recreate that sense of hominess. Whether it’s with an iconic family portrait, classic piece of  furniture, or your first jewelry box, these memorabilia items will bring positive and heartwarming thoughts every time you see them. Displaying a few sentimental items can introduce the cozy feeling from your childhood home to your new space, even if it’s miles away.


Are you itching to make a space uniquely yours? Here at P.B. Bell, we have communities all over the Valley that are ready to be called your next “home”. Check out our communities here for more information!