How to Be Transparent in Property Management

In any apartment community, residents look for transparency, mutual respect and honesty from their property managers. These qualities help to build trust between both the resident and onsite property management team. Overall, transparency also helps to ensure that residents receive the kind of treatment and attention that they deserve. Here are three ways a seasoned property management team can practice transparency in their community: 

Keep Detailed Records

Trained property management teams understand the importance of keeping detailed records and files of communication, requests, payments and other forms of interaction between residents and the onsite team. These records ensure that property managers remain open, honest and accountable, while also helping to clear up any possible confusion that might occur down the road. 

Here at our P.B. Bell communities, our onsite teams make maintaining detailed records a top priority by using technology to our advantage. Communication between the residents and management are kept in our property management software and all calls are recorded, helping to eliminate any miscommunication. We use multiple methods of communication to keep in touch with our residents and we reach them in a way that works best for them. This includes giving them a call or leaving a voicemail, texting them, or emailing them. We try to be as personal with our communication as we can, as well as respectful of the best way and time of day to communicate with them.

Open Communication 

Overall, residents value and appreciate open communication between themselves and the onsite property management team. On top of that, communication helps onsite teams remain transparent with their residents at all times. However, open communication is far more than just email blasts. Upholding open communication means being available in-person and over the phone, as well as being responsive via email. Quality communication also includes giving residents plenty of notice for anything that is happening within the community. This can include sending email alerts to residents for upcoming inspections, events, maintenance issues around the community and more. Residents want to know what is going on in their community and will appreciate the onsite teams being open, transparent and giving them plenty of notice. 

Our P.B. Bell onsite property management teams prioritize maintaining open and consistent communication with residents. We achieve this in a variety of ways. We send out email and text blasts for community reminders and events. We host monthly resident events to help engagement between residents and management. The teams update their social media with local events as well as property happenings. Additionally, the on-site team follows up on all service requests to ensure they were done to the residents’ satisfaction. 

Be Timely

On top of a property manager’s other responsibilities, it’s crucial that the onsite team remain responsive and timely whenever resident concerns, issues or questions arise. Unanswered emails and phone calls create frustration and lead to greater problems down the road. Expert property management teams will ensure that they respond to all resident emails and phone calls in a timely fashion so residents know their voices are heard and that their satisfaction is a top priority.

At our P.B. Bell communities, our onsite property management teams are trained to understand the importance of being responsive and practice this every day with any prospect or resident communication. We use a CRM software at all of our communities to assist with timely responses, scheduling tours and meetings, follow-ups, memos, and much more. This helps our teams to stay on track and to be accountable, while also making their day-to-day tasks more manageable. It also helps in the office so we can pick up where one person left off when necessary and know exactly what is going on or what is needed to complete a task. We automate messaging where we can and schedule communication in advance when possible to keep a strong and consistent line of communication between our teams and our residents.

In the property management world, transparency and honesty are highly valued by both residents and prospective residents. If you’re searching for a respected and transparent property management team to manage your portfolio, be sure to check out our services and give us a call today at (480) 951-2222!