Creating a Strong Relationship in the Beginning

First impressions are important. They determine the direction that all future encounters will go. Whether it’s a firm handshake, a warm smile or a compliment, creating a strong and positive first impression will set the tone for any relationship. Experienced professionals in the property management industry understand the importance of establishing a warm, friendly and welcoming relationship with prospective residents from the start. Creating a strong relationship with residents, in the beginning, will set the tone for their entire living experience in any community which will ultimately help with retention in the long run. Here are our three ways to make that strong and positive first impression right away: 

Be Personal 

In order to create a connection with prospective and future residents, on-site property management teams need to connect with people on a personal level. Individuals find value communication. They appreciate follow up and follow-through, so it is important to do what you say you’re going to do and to communicate along the way in whichever way your prospective or future resident prefers. Creating this connection can be as simple as calling someone after a tour to thank them for visiting your community and asking if they have any questions. While on that call, remember their pet’s name and mention that you hope to meet them soon. You can use this time to remind someone of your pet-friendly amenities too! Or, it could be as easy as sending a quick personal email with clear, detailed move-in instructions and tips to make someone’s move-in day a little easier on them. Whether you choose to communicate with people via phone, email, or in person, be sure to use their name and to truly listen to what they’re saying so you can best assist them. People appreciate that more than you know, and it will help secure a new resident at your community.

Individualized Gifts

Everyone appreciates good branded swag. Here at P.B. Bell, we love move-in gifts. Giving new residents a special gift on their move-in day is thoughtful and will go far in creating a positive first impression at your community. You can add a personal touch to anyone’s move-in day by giving them a present in person along with their new keys or our personal favorite, leave a gift on their kitchen counter along with a personal note for them to find when they walk into their brand new apartment for the first time. 

Move-in gifts don’t have to be expensive. Residents will enjoy any goodies you provide, especially if they are items they can use in their everyday lives. We recommend stocking the refrigerator with a few branded bottled waters which residents will appreciate when they just carried all their belongings inside from the moving truck. We also like to leave a brand-new toilet paper roll in the bathroom so it’s one less thing someone needs to worry about while moving into their new home. 

If your budget allows, you can have some fun with branded move-in gifts. Some of our personal favorites include; wine tumblers, coffee mugs, cutting boards, travel pet bowls, keychains, and more. There are endless options when it comes to move-in gifts and we highly suggest you plan for them in your yearly budget, because it’s much more affordable to keep a current resident than it is to find a new one. Plus, it’s an easy way to show residents that you care about them and that you’re happy they chose your community to call home.

Invite Them to Community Events

Moving to a new community can be nerve-wracking for a resident. They might not know anyone in the area or know of ways to meet new people. On-site property management teams should host monthly events for all their residents to get to know each other. This will help to create a true sense of community at your property. You want to post about your upcoming events in the leasing office, elevators, on social media, and through email and text multiple times prior to any event. You want to get the word out in any way that your residents may be communicating. There are so many great ideas for resident events that can work for all different budgets. Some of our personal favorites include; Food Truck Fridays, Yappy Hours, Ice Cream Socials, Yoga Classes, Pool Parties, Breakfast to Go, Wine and Canvas, and more! Resident events are a key piece to creating and maintaining a strong relationship with your residents which in turn saves money because keeping a current resident is always more cost-effective than finding a new one. 

Experienced property management teams will always go out of their way to ensure that new residents feel welcome in their new home and community. Creating these strong relationships from the start will help boost that resident’s overall living experience and ensure better retention in the long run. 

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