How To Become a Best Place to Work

In today’s job market, prospective employees are frequently searching for a company that has a positive culture and sense of community that they can see themselves building a career with. Company culture and community goes beyond ping pong tables and cold brew on tap, it’s embedded in the nature of the business, from how the company hires all the way to how it enables its employees to grow professionally.


Here at P.B. Bell, we strive to create a welcoming environment that encourages both personal and professional growth for our employees. We are pleased to announce that P.B. Bell has been ranked in the Phoenix Business Journal’s Best Places to Work for Midsize Companies list for the second consecutive year.


For companies looking to become a Best Place to Work and to create a workplace where employees can visualize themselves building their careers, the company needs to understand what the individuals of today’s workforce truly value. Here are a few ways P.B. Bell became a Best Place to Work:


Maintain Strong Values

Here at P.B. Bell, our core values include Be Accountable, Show You Care, Get Creative, Act with Integrity and Enjoy the Ride. We focus on one value each quarter while “enjoying the ride” all year long.  In order for values to serve a purpose within a business, they need to be embedded into the day-to-day tasks and roles of each employee, as well as high-level executives. P.B. Bell does this by attaching actionable behaviors to each value so that employees and executives alike can live out the values that the company stands on. This helps us to maintain P.B. Bell’s strong culture, company vision, and high level of service.


Continuous Learning and Training

Just as new hires need to be trained for their new positions, long-time employees also need to be educated regularly so that they can expand their knowledge within their field, be challenged and grow as professionals in their roles. Implementing continuous learning and training for all employees gives individuals a sense of purpose and value, enabling them to gain new skills and understandings within their industry.


At P.B. Bell, we have a dedicated training department that builds a curriculum of both online and in-person training classes hosted monthly based on our policies, procedures, systems, and overall expectations. Nothing in our training program is set in stone. We understand that in order to provide the best learning opportunities for our employees, we have to accept feedback and remain flexible. We also know that property management is ever changing and there is always something new to learn, so we often make updates to our curriculum to reflect that.


Invest in Your People

In order to create an environment where our employees flourish, we have to establish a system where a sense of family and appreciation thrives. To do this, we build a community where our employees can feel welcome, included and valued. This is achieved through monthly team building activities, quarterly group volunteering projects, bi-yearly all company events, open communication between on-site and corporate employees, and P.B. Bell creates a work environment where creativity and new ideas are celebrated.


Building a company culture where employees prosper, and long-term relationships grow, takes time, effort, and consistency. If you do these things with that in mind, the outcome of creating a strong culture and positive work environment is always worth it. Providing a place where employees can develop professionally, new ideas thrive, and company values are upheld day-to-day will allow your business to excel within your industry and keep employees happy at work.