Top Organizational Tips for Small Spaces

2020 is rapidly approaching and many of us are preparing our goals for the New Year. For those looking to reevaluate their space and reorganize their life, it can sometimes feel like an almost impossible feat when you are living in a smaller space. However, size does not need to be an obstacle as long as you are creative with how you utilize your space. Here are our top three organizational tips for small spaces that will get your apartment organized just in time for the New Year: 


Aim High

Don’t let square footage get in the way of achieving your organizational dreams. When looking to bring harmony by decluttering your space, look up! There is plenty of wall space begging to be utilized for your needs. If you need to establish cohesiveness in your kitchen, consider hanging a long towel bar in your pantry to hang those awkward items, such as pots and pans. For extra storage in your bathroom, find a multi-shelved over the toilet storage set so you can take advantage of that extra unused space. If you’re looking to add more style to a space but want to save some money, try creating a DIY mason jar holder that adds some trendy organization to either your bathroom or kitchen. 


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Utilizing multi-purpose furniture in unique ways offers a discrete option to tuck away your belongings. To add some additional storage to your bedroom, opt for a functional standing mirror to store jewelry and other personal belongings. For those who need to check their hair before leaving the apartment, a mirror with hanging hooks is perfect for an entryway to catch a quick look at your appearance when heading out, while also providing a prime spot to hang bags, keys and jackets. 


When One Door Closes 

It’s easy to look at a door and simply see a door. However, a door offers countless opportunities to provide more storage and organization to any space. For your bedroom, considering turning your closet door into a space to hang shoes by using an over the door shoe rack. Adding an over the door shoe holder helps to get items off of the floor and eliminates clutter in your closet. If you need some additional space for food in your pantry, try out an over the door rack to organize your snacks, spices and cutlery. 


Don’t let square footage get in the way of your organizational dreams. If your New Year’s resolution is to declutter and re-energize your space, be creative and utilize your walls, hidden spaces and doors to achieve your goals this year.