Top 4 Holiday Ideas To Host For Residents

With the holiday season upon us, residents are busy managing their everyday lives while also juggling the craziness that accompanies this time of year. With dozens of parties to attend and host, gifts to wrap and cookies to make, it’s very easy for residents to feel burnt out during the holidays. Here at our P.B. Bell communities, we make it a priority to help our residents in any way we can during this hectic time of year. Here are our top four holiday ideas to host for residents: 


Cookie Decorating 

Whenever we are looking to boost overall holiday cheer throughout any community, we have always found that setting up cookie decorating events can be a wonderful way to bring the entire community together. This minimal effort event is fun for all ages and only requires a few ingredients from the property management staff’s side. For this event, the apartment staff provides pre-made sugar cookies, icing in different colors, funnels for the icing, utensils, table cloths and sprinkles. With table clothes laid out on designated decorating tables, residents can use their creativity and safely make a mess while designing their festive cookies. Not only is it fun, it also doubles as a very tasty event as well. 


Ornament Decorating

Many residents put up Christmas trees during this holiday season. What better way to help them get into the spirit than with an ornament decorating event? This festive activity brings friends and family together in the community to create beautiful handmade decorations that can further elevate the look of their personal tree. Our onsite teams provide plain ornaments, different colored paints, several brushes, paint pallets, cups of water and paper towels. Table clothes are laid out on specific tables to allow residents to freely express their imagination on their ornaments, while making as little of a mess as possible. With some fun holiday music in the background, residents can enjoy painting the night away. 


Hot Chocolate Bar

Whether running to work or after returning home from a long day, residents of all ages can all appreciate a warm cup of hot chocolate to add some sweetness to their day. Our teams provide disposable cups and lids, hot chocolate, whipped cream and marshmallows — additional fun can be added with optional sprinkles, chocolate syrup and caramel. Providing a hot chocolate bar creates a simple way for residents to grab a quick pick-me-up that will be sure to brighten their day and add some holiday cheer. 


Gift Wrapping Station

Wrapping all of the gifts for friends and family can feel like an endless and tedious task. To help lessen the stressful load for residents this holiday season, many of our P.B. Bell communities create gift wrapping stations for residents to utilize throughout the month of December. These areas have plenty of all of the necessary items needed to make gift wrapping as effortless as possible. These items include various gift wrappers, bows, labels, scissors and tape. Creating a gift wrapping station is a simple gesture that all residents can appreciate during this busy time of year. 


Need to get into the festive spirit this holiday season? At our various P.B. Bell communities, we host plenty of holiday-related events and activities that are sure to get everyone feeling holly and jolly this time of year. Be sure to visit our communities!