Top 3 Tech Amenities to Make Your Residents’ Lives Easier

With the new year almost here, it is a great time to consider what technology will look like at your communities moving forward as it is becoming ever more prevalent in our everyday lives. Not only do prospective residents seek accommodations that include smart tech within their own individual apartment, residents are also actively searching for apartments that have access to useful technology throughout the community. Here are our picks for the top three tech amenities that make residents’ lives easier:


Smart Home Tech

For technology within the individual apartments, residents are not only looking for tech that will simplify their lives, but they also want applications that can help lower costs as well. Living in Arizona means that electricity bills can fluctuate throughout the course of the year, as the summers can get very hot and the winters can become quite cold. These changes in the weather means that residents have to adjust their thermostats accordingly so they can live comfortably within their space. At The Curve at Melrose and Arista at Ocotillo, residents can enjoy apartments that come smart home life ready with smart thermostats provided by Cox. With this option available, residents can save major bucks on their electricity bills each month, while also getting the convenience they want from a smart thermostat!


Parcel Lockers

Especially with the busy holiday season coming up, residents want to be reassured that their packages will get to them safely and efficiently. With that in mind, many renters are seeking out communities with parcel lockers, which gives them peace of mind whenever they are having anything delivered to the community. At Noria Robson Luxury Apartments, whenever a package comes in for a resident, that package will safely make its way into a Parcel Locker. From there, residents receive a text with a code that allows them to open up that specific locker. This addition is great as it saves the leasing team time so they can focus on other priorities and it gives residents the flexibility to get packages at any time, day or night, not just during normal business hours.


High Tech Fitness

Amenities that contribute to overall health and wellness are becoming major determining factors for prospective residents looking for their next apartment to call home. Having 24-hour fitness centers with the latest and greatest technology and machines help residents achieve their goals and stay healthy all year long. At Homestead Talking Glass, residents can enjoy the state-of-the-art 24-hour fitness center, as well as get their sweat on with a virtual trainer. Virtual trainers offer a great alternative for residents who want to take workout classes at their own pace whenever they have the time!


Apartments that weave smart tech throughout the community help to create a more effortless lifestyle for its residents. At our various P.B. Bell communities, smart tech makes our residents’ lives easier, while providing peace of mind and cost-effective options that help to elevate their overall living experience. Check out our communities today!