Top Amenities To Look For in Your Next Multifamily Investment

When searching for your next multifamily investment, it’s crucial to look at every aspect of the community prior to making any major financial decisions.

This entails looking into its past and projected ROI as well as the various attributes to the property as a whole. Modern renters expect more than just the basic amenities that every community in town has, such as resort-style pools and state-of-the-art fitness centers. Renters are looking for additions to the community that will boost their overall living experience within the apartment community. In order to find your next property investment, look for the communities with the top amenities that renters are actively searching for when picking their next home or make sure the community has the space and resources to make these additions. Here are our three top amenities that will greatly boost your next multifamily investment:

Pet Paradise: Now more than ever, renters are looking for apartment communities where not only can they live happy and healthy lives, but a place where their beloved pets can too. Pet-friendly amenities are extremely appealing to prospective residents, so seeking a community with these add-ons can really benefit you and your investments. When searching for your next community, keep an eye out for apartments that have quality dog parks where residents and their furry friends can gather, socialize and play. Montage at Pecos Ranch offers residents a shaded outdoor dog park where residents can allow their pups to run freely, without having to endure the sun’s rays. Another hot amenity that is growing in popularity is pet parlors. It can be tricky for residents to try to wash their pooches in their own bathroom. This is why more renters are seeking communities with pet parlors and dog-washing stations, allowing them to clean their furry friends with ease. Arista at Ocotillo and Velaire at Aspera combine all of the ideal pet-friendly amenities into one community with a pet washing station and a dog park.

Riding in Style: For residents looking to live in more bustling urban areas, individuals are increasingly searching for more environmentally-friendly options when it comes to getting around the city. A few amenities that prospective residents greatly appreciate include bike storage, bike rentals and bike repair stations. These amenities give renters the ability to easily and efficiently explore the surrounding community and maintain their mode of transportation. The Curve at Melrose, located in the bustling Melrose District, offers complimentary beach cruiser rentals for residents looking for a cost-effective way to navigate neighboring areas. Noria Robson Luxury Apartments offers bike storage as well as a repair station so that their residents’ bikes don’t take up space in their apartment and they can maintain their bikes in a convenient location on-site.

Smart Tech: With technology at our fingertips, renters are frequently expecting smart tech to be embedded throughout their daily lives. With this comes the expectation of smart tech within their own apartment home. To get the most of your property investment, search for communities that have advanced technology within the individual apartments. The Curve at Melrose and Arista at Ocotillo are both smart home life ready with smart light switches and smart thermostats provided by Cox, all with the aim of creating a smarter, more efficient home for residents.

Finding your next multifamily investment to round out your portfolio is no easy feat. However, knowing what amenities current renters are actively looking for within their next home will greatly benefit you in your search. Striving to find communities with pet-friendly amenities, bike-friendly additions and smart tech helps to ensure the success of your investment so you can make the most bang for your buck.

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