Self-Care Tips Without Leaving Your Apartment Community

Whip out the face masks and yoga mats because September is National Self-Care Awareness Month. We know that it can be difficult to find time for yourself amidst work, friends, family and life in general. However, now is the perfect time to take a moment to reflect on whether or not you have been making your emotional and physical health a priority. If you know you’ve been putting your well-being on hold, it’s time to take a step back, take a deep breath, and refocus your energy back into yourself. Here are some ways you can practice self-care without even leaving your apartment community:

Unplug Your Life

Far too often our eyes are glued to a screen, whether it’s our phones, tablets, TVs, or computers. Unfortunately, these electronics often create more stress and anxiety for us as we scroll through emails, social media, and messages. A simple way to practice self-care is to make an intentional effort to put those gadgets down for a specific period of time each day. If you can’t sacrifice staying connected for a full hour, just put down your phone for ten minutes. Allowing yourself even ten minutes to be screenless will allow you to relax, unwind, and be more present in the moment. Try giving your eyes a break from the harsh screens and let them instead peruse through a book. Who knows, you might find yourself engulfed in the story and completely forget about your electronics in the first place.

Go To The Spa

Have you heard of the hottest new spa in the Valley? Treat yourself to Le Spa De La Salle De Bain, also known as The Bathroom Spa. You don’t need to go far or break the bank to have a luxurious spa day. Light some candles and create an at-home relaxation retreat. Lather on your favorite face mask and fill up your tub with some warm water along a few drops of essential oils. If you’re dealing with a lot of anxiety and tension, try a rose essential oil to relax your muscles and smooth your skin. For the ultimate calming experience, mix in a few droplets of lavender to refresh your mind and repair damaged skin. Don’t have a bathtub? No problem. Create an oasis in your shower with a shower bomb. These innovative creations are packed with essential oils that diffuse into the stream — allowing you to relax and unwind.

Find Your Zen

Our lives move pretty fast, so it’s important to find time to slow down, look around and appreciate your life. One of the best ways to do this is by practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness allows us to be present, aware, and boosts our general mood overall. Want to attain total mindfulness? It can be achieved in various ways; however, people most commonly practice the art of meditation in order to bring their mind to peace. The first step is to find a comfortable place in your apartment, whether it’s sitting on your bed, on the floor, or in a chair. Some people can meditate without guidance; however, for those that need a little extra help, there are plenty of paid and free apps that can help lead you through the practice. Find what works best for you and remember to breathe.

Feeling like venturing out of your apartment for some self-care time? At our various P.B. Bell communities, there are plenty of amenities that can help you relax, de-stress, and take some time for yourself. From movie theatres, gyms, game rooms to pools, each community offers something different to help you take a little extra ‘me’ time everyday. Be sure to visit our communities!