Going Green at Your Community

What’s trendy in 2019? The environment. Now more than ever, people look for and expect community amenities that promote green lifestyles. Providing solutions for greener alternatives in our communities makes a huge impact in the cities in which we reside. It also allows our residents to make a difference in their everyday lives so they can feel good knowing that they are living an eco-friendlier lifestyle simply by choosing to live in our communities and taking advantage of our amenities. Here are some amenities we utilize at some of our P.B. Bell communities that help us join the green movement:

Valet Trash Service

We strive to eliminate any unnecessary stress from our residents’ lives by implementing services that get rid of any tedious obstacles. This is why multiple of our P.B. Bell communities such as Arista at Ocotillo and Velaire at Aspera offer door-to-door valet trash and recycling pick up. With this service, residents can skip lugging around heavy bags of garbage and recyclables through the community to the trash and recycle bins and avoid any embarrassing mishaps– such as their bag tearing and its entire contents pouring out. This pickup option motivates our residents to properly dispose of their waste and helps alleviate the risk of trash throughout the community. On top of this, including a valet recycling service reduces our residents’ workload and further encourages residents to go green.

Bike Repair Stations & Rentals

As more Valley residents embrace the green movement, more individuals are finding alternative ways to commute to and from work or to nearby destinations. As the weather cools down, more of our residents will opt to ride a bike as a preferred mode of transportation. However, similar to cars, bikes also experience regular wear and tear. Due to this, we have bike repair stations at some of our communities for residents looking to reduce their environmental impact. Members of our community at Noria Robson Luxury Apartments have especially loved this feature. For those who don’t own a bike but are looking for a quick, energy-efficient ride, we offer complimentary beach cruiser rentals for residents looking to explore the city. This amenity has proven to be very popular at our community The Curve at Melrose by offering a simple and convenient way for our residents to traverse through this bustling area.

Energy Efficient Appliances

For residents looking to save money and the planet, multiple of our communities offer energy-saving amenities and appliances that won’t burn a hole in our residents’ wallets. These cost-effective, eco-friendly options include ENERGY STAR® kitchen appliances, energy-efficient lighting and programmable thermostats. We also utilize smart thermostats at some of our communities which allows great control over the apartments’ temperatures that leads to lower costs while also saving energy.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric cars continue to grow in popularity as more individuals search for greener forms of transportation. For this reason, some of our P.B. Bell communities offer electric vehicle charging stations throughout their communities. Providing this amenity to our residents adds another layer of convenience to our community that our residents always appreciate.

Promoting green living in our communities can be as simple as providing a valet trash and recycling service or as extensive as electric car charging stations. At our P.B. Bell communities, we offer an array of services that help promote greener lifestyles and reduce our imprint on the environment. By simply choosing to live at one of our communities and taking advantage of our amenities, people are able to embrace an environmentally-friendlier lifestyle and reduce their impact on the planet. Be sure to visit our communities!