Amenities for Every Generation

Every resident has different needs and desires when it comes to their ideal apartment community. As property managers, we try to offer a variety of amenities that can appeal to our members. However, with every community having such a diverse group of renters, how can you satisfy everyone? As we are currently in the midst of the high-tech, smart home craze that is flooding the multifamily industry– it’s easy to be tempted to focus on all the new gadgets and inventions. While incorporating these additions into the communities can benefit the lives of our residents, these tools aren’t significant to everyone.

When brainstorming about what amenities to integrate that will be enticing for all generations, we have found that sometimes the simplest and most effective strategy is to just go back to the basics. Here are a few amenities we have throughout some of our P.B. Bell communities that residents of all ages can enjoy:

Pet Paradise

Many of our residents are passionate about their furry friends and want to live somewhere that has the perfect amenities for their pups. That’s why we incorporate various pet-friendly amenities, including dog parks and pet spas, at multiple communities. Dog parks offer a great space for pets to stretch their legs and play, while also providing a spot for the owners to gather and socialize. However, after a long day of play, it’s important for pet owners to have an area to wash their dog to keep their coats shiny and clean, while also avoiding bringing unwanted dirt into the apartment. Providing a dog spa with plenty of space, deep sinks and removable faucet heads gives residents the ability to clean their pup without having to make a mess in their own bathroom. With so many pet-friendly amenities, we always include simple ways to make sure our apartment areas stay clean. To do this, we incorporate several pet stations throughout the communities with plenty of bags to make it easy to pick up after pets.  


Life can become hectic at times and everyone needs a little space to escape, relax and find their zen. That’s why multiple P.B. Bell communities have yoga studios with on demand classes for our residents to find their inner peace. These rooms are free of distractions, have a calming environment and inspire a relaxing mindset to anyone who walks in. As yoga becomes a more popular activity for all ages, this amenity attracts the attention of hip millennials and active baby boomers alike.

Fitness & Fun

Having amenities that allow for exercise and socialization that everyone can participate in is important and can require a little creativity. When planning amenities, we are aware of the fact that people partake in fitness for all different reasons, and we make sure that we have something for everyone no matter their fitness level. This idea of inclusivity is crucial for us when creating our top-of-the-line fitness centers which is why we always aim to find quality equipment that can be utilized by residents at all levels of gym experience. At our P.B. Bell communities, we also have implemented various recreational areas that are enjoyable for all ages, such as walking trails, bocce ball and bags courts, tennis and basketball courts, and more so that residents have many ways to participate in fitness and stay active.

Socialization Stations

For those who are looking to sit back, relax and socialize, several of our communities have hangout hubs such as fire pits and BBQ areas so residents can make s’mores or grill up some hamburgers with friends. Our pools and spas at every community also offer a respite from the heat with lounge chairs, couches and cabanas that allow our residents to cool off and kick back.

Staying Connected

Residents of all ages need ways and places to stay connected. This is why many of our P.B. Bell communities offer Wi-Fi lounges, business centers, conference rooms, printing services, plus access to free Wi-Fi and computers.

While not every amenity will be valuable to everyone, it’s important to strive to incorporate amenities that will appeal to a large majority of our residents. These additions create happy residents and serve as recreational and social spaces for residents to gather, hang out and meet new people. Be sure to visit our communities!