Why Apartment Living is a Good Investment

Choosing life in an apartment community is a good investment in living well. Here are some good reasons why you should consider life in an apartment home.

1. Greater flexibility: Want to live near work or your favorite attractions? From location to pricing, apartment life gives you far more flexibility for planning and living your life. It’s easier to budget, too. No surprise bills or household maintenance and repair costs to cover, plus you can choose the perfect size apartment for your needs without paying for a lot of wasted space. Need to move? It’s cheaper, easier and faster to relocate from an apartment home than it is to prepare your home for sale, paint and make repairs, hire an agent and put a house on the market.

2. More value per square foot for your rental dollar. No matter how big or how small of an apartment you might choose, today’s apartment communities offer access to a great deal of amenities as part of your rental agreement. Swimming pools and hot tubs. Fitness centers with the latest equipment. Community clubhouses. Media rooms. Outdoor kitchens and community gathering areas. On-site dog parks and other pet-friendly perks. Add up what it would cost you for your regular everyday living expenses and mortgage plus membership or access to similar amenities while living in a home. It’s clear that apartment living can offer more value per square foot than trying to keep up with the Jones’.  

3. Ditch the unending ‘To Do’ list. Living in an apartment community frees you from a lot of responsibilities of homeownership. No yards to mow or maintain. No responsibilities for repairing or replacing worn or broken appliances. Whenever a problem arises, residents can simply call or schedule maintenance online – without the need to take off work or sit for hours waiting for repairmen to arrive, so there is minimal disruption to daily life.

4. No large down payment and no property taxes. Buying a home is a long-term financial commitment that can require a large down payment, mortgage and homeowner’s insurance, property taxes, association fees, maintenance, repairs, and other unavoidable financial obligations. In contrast, choosing an apartment home requires a much smaller financial outlay – both upfront and ongoing. More of your money can go to the things you want to do like hobbies, entertainment, travel, savings, and retirement.

5. Apartments foster a real sense of community and are safer, too. For many people, living in a home can be more isolating. The fabled days of picket fences, block parties and knowing all your neighbors are for the most part, long gone. Life in an apartment community encourages more social interaction, as you’ll have the built-in opportunity to meet your neighbors (and often, new friends) in community areas, as well as during community events and activities. Most apartment communities also have multiple layers of security gated entries and more – all designed to keep residents safe and reduce the chance of burglaries and theft.

When you add up all these clear benefits of apartment living versus the liabilities of homeownership, and it’s easy to see: choosing an apartment can offer a much better quality of life. Check out the many communities that could be your next home.