The Art of Moving: How to Stay Cool, Calm & Collected So You Can Enjoy Your New Apartment

Moving into a new space can be an exciting and yet overwhelming time. From planning and packing to picking up your new keys, to unpacking and decorating your new space, the list of things to do before you can feel settled in can seem staggering.

That feeling is not uncommon, because roughly 35.5 million Americans move each year. With a bit of pre-planning, you can remain calm, collected and truly enjoy the ambiance of your new space without the added stress of dealing with ‘oops, I forgot’ and last-minute to-dos.

Get organized. Before you begin the moving process, organizing items by room or item type is a great way to ensure your packing process goes smoothly. Itemize all of the tasks you plan on accomplishing and then break these tasks down into manageable parts. Move in day might be a few weeks or even months’ away but you can also be prepared by doing some things in advance.  Set up utilities and renters’ insurance, set up an account for cable and internet or schedule a transfer of services to your new address. You can even change your home address with the post office and remember to change any addresses saved with subscription services so there is no delay or mix up prior to or after your move in. Schedule a specific move in time so that your leasing staff is expecting you and can spend quality time assisting you without interruptions.

Declutter what you don’t need.  Approximately two months before you plan on moving, go over the floorplan of your new home. Decide what items are worth taking and what items can be donated or sold. Not only will decluttering help get rid of unnecessary items that don’t need to travel with you, but this process will also ensure that you begin packing boxes ahead of time and that you get the right size moving truck or pod. If you have the chance, walk through your new home before move in day. Measure your space and take any photos you might need so you can decide on what to keep, leave, or buy new.  Then you don’t have to worry about whether or not things will fit well in the space.

Go with the flow. Although you might have a planned schedule in mind, flexibility is key to reducing stress throughout the moving process. As we all know, things never go entirely as planned. Blocking off extra days throughout your move to account for mishaps can help mitigate any anxiety you have regarding the moving process.

Be prepared to feel nostalgic. Moving can be an emotional experience, especially if you’ve shared fond memories in your old space. While it might feel like you are uprooting your life, it is important to remember that your next space will be better suited to meet your current wants and needs.

Moving day always arrives faster than you think, so following these simple steps can help you to feel at ease with your choice to move. Spending a little extra time at the beginning stages of your move can save you a lot of anxiety and effort later on so you can remain cool, calm, and collected while enjoying your new space. If you’re still looking for your new home, you can check out our available apartment homes HERE.