How To Foster a Culture Built Around Learning and Growing

In today’s job market, with record employment highs and a younger workforce characterized by frequent career moves, it can seem difficult to ‘build’ and maintain a culture that truly epitomizes your company’s collective values. This may be because a firm doesn’t really have the underlying principles that help guide a positive culture, the real keys to ensuring a happy and healthy labor force over the long-term. At P.B. Bell, these values are as follows: Get Creative, Act with Integrity, Be Accountable, Show you Care and Enjoy the Ride. Once these values are nailed down by an organization, their collective underpinning must be maintained actively from both a day-to-day and high level perspective, through the following:

Teaching and Training

These two routes to success may seem straightforward, but in reality, it relies on a strong management structure who not only lead through instruction, but also by example.  P.B. Bell has a dedicated training department who formulizes the training curriculum to include both online trainings as well as in-person training. We make sure to give recognition when it is due, we welcome feedback to better our programs, and we often promote from within. All of this, along with the overall training that we provide to all employees regardless of their tenure or skill level allows us to foster a culture built around learning. We are always encouraging growth to our employees, whether they’ve worked for P.B. Bell a few months or even over 25 years!

Investing in People

It’s important to invest in our people. When you work for P.B. Bell we want it to be more than a job. By showing that we care from the top down, all team members feel equitable and are better able to identify as a part of something special. At P.B. Bell, this involves group volunteering efforts, team building exercises and a structure that allows creativity to flourish.

We take time to get to know our team and to focus on building long term relationships. If you’re in an industry that involves professional development opportunities, invest in them for your employees. Go beyond the typical quarterly meetings that reflect on successes and instead set goals that matter to you and your team. Don’t let good ideas go to waste, bring them to life and your culture will thrive because of it.

A company who builds and truly fosters a culture built around learning and growing finds success by first recognizing the goals they want achieved. From there, being consistent, providing an open forum for conversation and investing in employees will help you create the culture your business desires.   

To find out more about how to be a part of our culture and our unique training processes click here.