5 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Phoenix

Thinking of moving to Phoenix? It’s an awesome place to live, but it’s always important to do your homework before moving to a new area. Here are the top five things you should know about the Greater Phoenix Metro area BEFORE you make the commitment.

The Job Market is Hot, Hot, Hot

The Greater Phoenix Metro area jobs outlook is on fire right now! According to a recent report by Colliers International, the Phoenix job market grew by 3.9% in 2018, adding nearly 80,000 jobs. That’s the fastest rate of growth in the last decade! Large companies are attracted to the area’s lower cost of doing business and favorable tax rates.

But that growth isn’t limited to Phoenix. According to the personal finance focused website WalletHub, Scottsdale is the best city in the country to find a job in 2019. The area also boasts one of the highest median annual incomes in the United States. Also highly rated are Chandler, Gilbert, and Tempe.

The Cost of Living

While the city continues to experience rapid growth, the cost of living remains relatively inexpensive in comparison with other west coast markets. Housing costs are driving most of the increase in the area, as median home prices continue to rise. The average price of a rental rose around 8 percent over the past year from $935 in 2018 to $1014 as of January 2019.

One significant factor? In Phoenix, residents pay around 20 percent of total income for rent or housing, compared to San Francisco’s where residents will pay approximately 45 percent in rent. With plenty of different areas of the Valley to choose from, doing a bit of research and driving through could be all you need to identify the neighborhoods that are most attractive to you.

Best Rental Neighborhoods

There is one highly desirable amenity that’s always in demand and will never go out of style: location. Whether it’s new construction or a renovated property, any multifamily residential community that’s located in a highly developed area close to work, as well as public transport, shopping, dining, and other activities is the best rental neighborhood. Happily, the Greater Phoenix Metro area has a wide range of eclectic retro, historic, and upscale urban neighborhoods to choose from. There are Light Rail and metro transit options plus a robust system of freeways to make getting around easier.

What’s the Weather Like?

With an average of around 300 sunny days per year, Phoenix has much to offer during the milder months. From golf, hiking, boating, and mountain biking to tennis, horseback riding and swimming, it’s wonderful to get outdoors and soak up everything the desert has to offer. During the heat of the summer months, most Arizonans opt for indoor activities and air conditioning during the heat of the day, emerging to enjoy the cooler nights by gathering with friends and family to barbecue, swim or relax and unwind in the soothing comfort of the whirlpool spa. Best of all? You can get out and get away to cooler climates for the day or weekend. There are plenty of wonderful places to see and experience within easy reach of Phoenix.

Things to Do & See

If you’re an outdoor fanatic, you’ll love the range of activities, attractions, and events around the Greater Phoenix Metro area. From sporting events such as NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL to cultural pursuits like museums, galleries and the ballet, you’ll never be lacking for something to do, or people to meet!

Arizona has something for everyone. Want to beat the heat, it’s only a two hour drive up to Flagstaff where the summer temps are usually in the 70s. Want to get away for the weekend? Rocky Point is only a four hour drive and San Diego is six hours. The adventures you can take are endless from Phoenix.

Moving to a new area like Phoenix can be a life-changing event, so remember to research these five areas before you make the decision. Want to check out some of the area’s best apartment communities? Click here.