Residential Property Management

P.B. Bell manages all levels of multifamily assets. Over the years, P.B. Bell has had ownership in some of these assets, however, the majority of our portfolio has always been third party management.

P.B. Bell has managed or owned multifamily communities in every submarket in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area and is the multifamily expert in the Valley of the Sun. We take great pride in our people, partners and client relationships and have had the honor of serving some of our clients for more than 20 years.

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P.B. Bell represents a comprehensive real estate skill set, allowing us to successfully execute on multifamily land acquisition and development opportunities. Our experience designing and developing award-winning owned and non-owned assets is unparalleled.

P.B. Bell has developed thousands of apartment homes, with communities ranging from 45 modern lofts to 389 lakeside luxury apartment homes.

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P.B. Bell’s acquisitions team expertly meets client objectives while simultaneously delivering an improved living experience to our residents.

To date, P.B. Bell Acquisitions has purchased over 4,500 units in transactions totaling over $330,000,000 and managed renovations in excess of $24,000,000. The acquisitions team expertly underwrites and manages the due diligence process in preparation for a successful transition of the newly acquired asset to the P.B. Bell Property Services team.

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